There seems to be a culinary resurgence happening on Clarence Street, the commuter artery from Howrah to Hobart. There’s a store-front near Clarence High School now branded with Pizzarazzi (Hobart pizza “chain”)  so that’s interesting. And a new casual restaurant named Thai Eatdustry just opened near the Shoreline Shopping Centre end of Clarence Street. Okay, so we’re not talking fine dining, but it’s all good.

Clarence Street - Amy's Cookin, Chinese Takeaway Shop, Bellerive

Amy’s Cookin Chinese: Clarence Street, Bellerive

Pizza, Thai & Chinese Takeaway: Clarence Street

A follower of the Eating Out in Tassie Facebook page joked that Clarence Street might compete with North Hobart’s iconic restaurant strip soon! That’s a nice idea for Eastern Shore residents, but there’s a long way to go before that mantle is threatened. Even South Hobart, which already has a fine range of dining options, has nothing on their northern cousins. Bellerive Quay might also have something to say about Clarence Street taking the gourmet crown of the region.

Clarence Street - Metro Bus Stop 11

Metro Bus Stop opposite Amy’s Cookin

Anyway, all that aside… we thought we’d chime in with a stamp of approval for one of the originals: Chinese Takeaway Shop, Amy’s Cookin. At 92 Clarence Street Bellerive, we’ve reliably received fast, friendly service and always enjoyed the meals. Amy’s Cookin includes loads of vegetables in the curry-style options, making the choice seem a slightly healthier one. Della’s Store sells fish n chips if that’s your preference and they’re neighbours of Amy’s Cookin at 94 Clarence Street.

Clarence Street - Chinese Takeaway Shop

Amy’s Cookin Chinese Takeaway: Clarence Street Bellerive

Clarence Street - Amy's Cookin

Amy’s Cookin Chinese Takeaway: Clarence Street Bellerive

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