We like to mix things up when we’re walking Coco. She doesn’t mind where she walks; she’ll go anywhere we’re prepared to take her. One day, we followed the Classic Urban Parks trail in Hobart.

Classic Urban Parks - Nant Whisky Bar, Salamanca

Tree sculptures: Nant Whisky Bar, Salamanca

Hobart Trails: Classic Urban Parks

The Greater Hobart Trails website suggests loads of interesting walking options. We had planned to complete the entire Classic Urban Parks walk in one stint. But as usual, we stopped so many times to take photos of sculptures and scenery we had to abandon Plan A. Yep, we’ll get back to the second half of the walk another day.

Classic Urban Parks - Battery Point

Walk Hobart waterfront: Salamanca and Battery Point

Classic Urban Parks - Hobart Sculpture

Discover: Hobart Tasmania

Walking via Salamanca means stopping for coffee… and possibly cakes! Taking Coco with us limits the options because we need a dog-friendly place with outdoor tables. But that’s no biggie, there’s always somewhere suitable. And if not, we can choose the takeaway option and enjoy some of the “classic urban parks” picnic-style.

Classic Urban Parks - Walk via Salamanca Square

Salamanca Square, Hobart Tasmania: ANY weather!

Classic Urban Parks - Salamanca Square Fountain

Fountain: Salamanca Square, Hobart Tasmania

Walking Hobart: Salamanca Place, Battery Point

Besides the architectural highlights – including the  sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place and Parliament House – walkers are privy to fountains, statues and memorial walls. All fascinating stuff for the history buff.

Classic Urban Parks - Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Classic Urban Parks: Salamanca Sculptures

Classic Urban Parks - Hobart Statue

History buffs: Classic Urban Parks trail

As a bonus, Hobart city gardens are stunning in any season. Take your camera. And if you don’t have a husky/kelpie cross to drag you up the hills, you can stop to catch your breath while pretending to focus on the vista!

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Map: Classic Urban Parks, Hobart Tasmania…

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