Here’s a little tip about Coal Valley Vineyard. Go there! We’ve been – several times – and never been disappointed.

Coal Valley Vineyard - Cellar Door

Cellar Door: Coal Valley Vineyard

Tasmanian Wine Trails: Coal Valley Vineyard

Today is a public holiday. It’s officially Hobart show day. I’m chained to my desk though. I’m taking Monday in lieu during a trip to the Tamar Valley region.

I was doing a little online research and as so often happens, was distracted by stories and images from Tasmanian wine trails.

Coal River Valley v Coal Valley

Then I started to wonder about the naming of Coal Valley. Is it just Coal Valley… or is it Coal River Valley? Who better to ask than Think Tasmania’s super-clever readers. They’ll know!

Coal Valley Vineyard - Richmond Tasmania

Coal River Valley or Coal Valley: Tasmania

As a reward for sharing your information with me, I’m sharing these images taken during a recent visit to Coal Valley Vineyard. While there, we shared a cheese platter, pecan pie and a relaxing time gazing at the view.

Coal Valley Vineyard - Pecan Pie

Coal Valley Vineyard: pecan pie

Tasmanian Wine and Tasmanian Cheese

Far out, we’re lucky in Tasmania, yes? Not a 20 minute drive from Hobart, we can be a world away. Sipping wine, tasting cheese… what more could you want, really?

Anyway, I’d best get back to reality and actually get back to work. Hope you enjoy your day, your weekend and your life. Cheers!

Coal Valley Vineyard - Cheese Platter

Coal Valley Vineyard: cheese platter

Coal Valley Vineyard is located at 257 Richmond Road, Cambridge (on the way to Wicked Cheese). Phone (03) 6248 5367 for details or follow Coal Valley Vineyard on Facebook.

Coal Valley Vineyard - Cambridge Tasmania

Coal Valley Vineyard: Cambridge Tasmania

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Map: Coal Valley Vineyard, Tasmania…

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