Browsing the guest book at Cod Rock Point revealed one primary, recurring opinion: should’ve stayed longer. We concur. This is THE place for a leisurely holiday on Tasmania’s amazingly beautiful east coast.

Cod Rock Point - Luxury Accommodation, East Coast Tasmania

Cod Rock Point Apartments, Bicheno Tasmania

Bicheno Luxury Accommodation: Cod Rock Point

If you’re in Tasmania on holidays, you’ll find a multitude of things to do in Bicheno. There’s the wineries, the drives, the beaches and the seafood. The east coast has all that and way more.

Cod Rock Point - Seafood in Tasmania

Lobster Shack Tasmania: east coast seafood

We’ve done quite of lot of travelling in Tasmania, and there will always be new attractions to discover. Cod Rock Point offered more than just a base for exploring though. This premium accommodation in Bicheno offered a prime opportunity to do nothing. What a perfect idea.

Cod Rock Point - Luxury Accommodation in Bicheno

Luxury accommodation: Bicheno Tasmania

The Lookout

We stayed in The Lookout (one of three choices at Cod Rock Point) and the apartment’s name is on the money. The views! From the king size bed even! It was tempting to just prop on the pillows and gaze at the ocean the whole time. Like I said… do nothing.

Cod Rock Point - The Lookout

The Lookout: Cod Rock Point, Bicheno

The reading nook in the master suite was well-stocked with books, and I craved the time to start and finish one of the novels during our stay. Instead, we watched a Netflix movie, lazing on the sumptuous couches downstairs. We sipped local wine and nibbled Tasmanian cheese… as the glorious east coast sunshine slowly faded to night.

Cod Rock Point - Luxury Accommodation, Bicheno Tasmania

Luxury accommodation: Bicheno, east coast Tasmania

Penguins in Bicheno

The Lookout had a wild surprise in store for us after dark. Penguins! Bicheno is famous for penguins, but it was still a shock to realise the critters cohabitate with guests, nesting in the garden at Cod Rock Point. Our hosts had provided a torch for viewing, the lens dutifully dulled with red nail polish. We could’ve spent hours outside with our cute, feathered neighbours.

Cod Rock Point - Penguins

Penguins in Tasmania: Cod Rock Point garden

Walking in Tasmania

One of our passions is walking Tasmania’s scenic trails. Not the epic overnight major-league hikes; just the regular-level-fitness walks for fun in fresh Tassie air. On the doorstep at Cod Rock Point, the Bicheno Foreshore Footway wound around to Redbill Beach and Diamond Island to the west. Then we took the eastward path from the garden and headed around Waubs Bay.

Cod Rock Point - Foreshore Footway, Bicheno

Bicheno: Foreshore Footway

Instead of continuing the journey to the Bicheno Blowhole, we shopped up a storm at Long Point Surf (some of the best retail therapy we’ve found anywhere). We also chose coffee and cake from Little Bay Patisserie. And then a gin tasting from The Farm Shed. I know, right? Kind of defeats the purpose of walking, but hey. Holidays! On our return to Cod Rock Point, we fetched supplies from the IGA, which was surprisingly well-stocked with gourmet goodies for a small town.

Cod Rock Point - Gin Tasting, The Farm Shed

Gin Tasting: The Farm Shed, Bicheno

Wining and Dining in Bicheno

Despite doing “nothing” we dined in Bicheno at Sealife Centre Restaurant. We also met Sara and Marcus at Lobster Shack Tasmania and heard the exciting plans for their business. We sampled delicious lobster rolls AND saw a whale! Then we managed to sneak in wine-tasting, wood-fired pizza and Freycinet mussels at Devil’s Corner Cellar Door. Keen readers will soon notice Bicheno stories popping up via our website and social media, and you can thank the owners of Cod Rock Point for that. We thank them also, for their generous hospitality. It’s a truly gorgeous property.

Cod Rock Point - Tasmanian Wine

Devil’s Corner Cellar Door, east coast Tasmania

Find Cod Rock Point at 2 Murray Street, an absolutely stunning waterfront location in Bicheno, at the heart of Tasmania’s east coast region. Phone 0419 394 362 for details or follow Cod Rock Point on Facebook.

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