Coles Bay: Tasmania has some fabulous places to visit, and the east coast region is usually high on the wishlist of visitors to the state. With some of the world’s finest beaches and all that’s offered by the Freycinet National Park, there’s little wonder really.

Coles Bay Tasmania - Freycinet National Park

Coles Bay: Freycinet National Park (photo by Dan Fellow)

Uncover Coles Bay Tasmania

“Coles Bay Tasmania” was a feature series on the website recently when we did some promotional work for a group of east coast business owners. Dan Fellow, our trusty professional tourism photographer paid a visit to Sheoaks Bed and Breakfast in Coles Bay and The Ugly Duck Out cafe in Swansea. Wineglass Bay Cruises were also part of the equation offering a competition prize to our readers.

Some places just call out for additional stories though, especially when the images to accompany them are just so damn inviting. Michelle Kneipp-Pegler from Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours posted an album on Facebook following a four-day tour to the east coast. She’s shared some stellar images of Coles Bay and Tasmania in general; you should definitely follow her page.

Coles Bay Tasmania - East Coast Tour

Uncover Tasmania: Coles Bay

There was another impetus for us to feature these images from Dan Fellow’s collection of Coles Bay. Tasmania is apparently the proposed short-break destination of David Koch (you know, the chap from Sunrise on Channel 7). Kochie called for suggestions on Twitter: places to visit in Hobart, please peeps! With so many options in the Tasmanian capital itself, you’d think he’d be well and truly occupied for a few days. But he also plans to visit Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Parks. Wow. He’s gunna be busy!

Coles Bay Tasmania - East Coast

Coles Bay Tasmania: fishing (photo by Dan Fellow)

For those who don’t already know the statistics, Coles Bay is a small town on the east coast of Tasmania. The township (including the surrounding area) has a recorded population of about 470 people. A 190km drive to the north-east of Hobart will see you at Coles Bay, the primary entrance point of the Freycinet National Park. Similarly, visitors will need to travel 210kms south-east of Launceston.

A great proportion of tourists to the state visit the area. Those that do are rewarded with fine scenery and a range of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, bush-walking and riding. The Hazards, boasting pink and red granite peaks, are much-photographed icons of the area. On the northern end of Great Oyster Bay, the town of Coles Bay boasts sensational water views over Freycinet Peninsula.

Coles Bay Tasmania - Freycinet, A Novel by Melanie Calvert

Freycinet: novel set in Coles Bay (photo supplied)

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Coles Bay Tasmania

Coles Bay: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

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