Would you like to dine in Hobart with views of the Tasman Bridge over the River Derwent? Try the Cornelian Bay Boathouse then. It’s all good. We bumped into our neighbourhood barber in the dining room, and he informed us the Cornelian Bay Boathouse was the best restaurant in Hobart. Big call, that one!

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Dining Room

Cornelian Bay Boathouse

To the Point: Cornelian Bay Boathouse

We promised details about this dinner when we wrote about walking to Cornelian Bay Point. This article is being published a little later than we anticipated, so the menu has possibly changed again since our visit. We’ll just show you what we ordered, and you can make up your own mind about the deliciousness of the food when you dine there yourselves.

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Special

Entree: Cornelian Bay Boathouse

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Fish

Fish and chips

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Steak

Steak and vegetables

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Cheesecake

Belgian chocolate cheesecake

Queen’s Walk: Cornelian Bay Boathouse

Cornelian Bay Boathouse is located on Queen’s Walk (which is actually a road) in the Hobart suburb of New Town. Phone (03) 62 289 289 for details or follow Cornelian Bay Boathouse on Facebook.

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Restaurant Hobart

Hobart: Cornelian Bay Boathouse Restaurant

Cornelian Bay Boathouse - Restaurant

Hobart: Cornelian Bay Boathouse Restaurant

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Map: Cornelian Bay Boathouse, Tasmania…

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