When we discover lovely new places to walk in Tasmania, we like to share that information with you! Cornelian Bay Point, while not a long walk, is perfect for a stroll with your dog on a nice day.

Cornelian Bay Point - Hobart Parks

Hobart Parks: Cornelian Bay Point

Cornelian Bay Point: Walk in Hobart

We’ve started our walks to Cornelian Bay Point from the nearby car park, one with plenty of spaces available. This one time, I was so engrossed in the water views, I was almost cleaned up by a learner driver who was practicing her reverse-parking skills. That will teach me to focus on my camera and not on my immediate surrounds. It can be a busy place really, with soccer troops coming and going to the local sports fields. So keep your wits about you!

Cornelian Bay Point - Derwent River

Tasman Bridge: Cornelian Bay

Cornelian Bay: Dying to Get There

Cornelian Bay Point might be better known as the location for a very large cemetery. The walking track does skirt the perimeter of the cemetery, but personally… I don’t think that detracts from the experience. What do you think? Water views to the Tasman Bridge, complete with boating activity, are substantial enough to engage my attention while walking anyway.

Cornelian Bay Point - Walking Track

Waterside walking track: Cornelian Bay Point

Cornelian Bay Boathouse: Restaurant and Kiosk

The kiosk at one end of the Cornelian Bay Boathouse building is accommodating of dogs in the outside eating area. It’s next to a huge enclosed children’s playground and comes complete with adjacent barbecue facilities. The place has always been jumping whenever we’ve visited, and especially so on sunny days.

Cornelian Bay Point - Restaurant

Cornelian Bay Boathouse Restaurant and Kiosk

Actually, we’ve dined at the Cornelian Bay Boathouse recently, as well as the kiosk. Yes, we’re always eating – that’s why we’re always walking! We’ll share photos and information from those occasions directly. We also have photos from a walk past the Cornelian Bay boatsheds towards the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens; we’ll duly dig them out and publish here too. So stay tuned then!

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Map: Cornelian Bay Point, Hobart Tasmania…

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