When we travel, we research a variety of different places for Think Tasmania. We need to experience a place first-hand, before we share details with all our readers. The kids don’t always travel with us, and neither does the dog. But when they do, self-contained cottage accommodation is a firm favourite. A little extra room never goes astray; and the chance to prepare kid-friendly meals is a bonus.

Cottage Accommodation - Alice's Cottages & Spa Hideaway

Alice’s Cottages & Spa Hideaways: Launceston Tasmania

Cottage Accommodation: Staying in Launceston

During one visit to Launceston for Festivale, we stayed at Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways, where each cottage (ours was Aphrodites) had a theme. We’d stay there again ourselves and we’ve gone on to recommend Alice’s to anyone who has asked about cottage accommodation in Launceston without a moment’s hesitation.

We were reminded of our stay in Launceston thanks to our recent article about pet-friendly accommodation. We hastened to do some extra research about taking pets on holiday for an interview with Helen Shield on ABC Radio. Rob and Louise Widdowson, the hosts at Alice’s Cottages, gave us some last-minute tips.

Cottage Accommodation - Alice's Cottages & Spa Hideaways, Launceston

Aphrodites: pet-friendly cottage accommodation

Checking back through the photos of our cottage accommodation also revealed a very friendly resident cat. The poor creature had to endure countless hours of cuddling and patting courtesy of the kids. As cats go, this one was amazingly tolerant, and even endured some dubious piano-playing without too much fuss!

Cottage Accommodation - Pets

Cottage accommodation in Launceston: pet-friendly

Room to Move and Little Surprises

If you’re staying at this cottage accommodation in Launceston, a travelling companion with actual musical talent would be advisable. The piano in the lounge room was a great source of entertainment for our family, even though talent was pretty thin on the ground. The kids also found the collection of records quite remarkable… and amusing! They put their iPods away in favour of the old-fashioned version for a day or two.

Cottage Accommodation - Piano

Cottage accommodation with musical options

Cottage Accommodation - Elvis Presley

Record-player, complete with Elvis Presley collection

For anyone wanting to escape the piano, the outdoor setting offered some welcome solace. The chickens happily pecked in the surrounding garden. Other rooms inside included a kitchen and a sun-room to enjoy the substantial breakfast provisions. There was a huge entrance passage or foyer linking all the rooms together.

In fact, we had plenty of room in our cottage accommodation for a family of four. Aphrodites had a lovely master bedroom, and a spare double bed in the dining room. Thanks to our thoughtful hosts, we were also blessed with a single bed, a conversion from a lovely window seat in the lounge. The kids and the adults had their own space, and everyone was happy. That’s always nice on holidays!

Cottage Accommodation - Bedroom

Cottage accommodation property in Tasmania

Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways

As the name suggests, there was a spa in the bathroom of the cottage accommodation. A big corner spa, with lavender-scented bubble bath on the side to ensure a luxurious experience. And if that’s not enough to make you feel like a princess (or a prince, whatever the case may be), the ceiling was draped with silk and a chandelier lit up the room. Very decadent.

Cottage Accommodation - Bathroom

Luxurious spa bathroom: cottage accommodation

Cottage Accommodation - Spa Bath

Corner spa: self-contained, cottage accommodation

Besides the cottage accommodation in Launceston, Rob and Louise Widdowson also own a Bicheno holiday house overlooking the gorgeous beaches on the east coast of Tasmania.

For more information about Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways, visit their website. To book cottage accommodation in Launceston or the Bicheno holiday house, call Rob and Louise Rob Widdowson on 6334 2231. You can also follow Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways on Facebook.

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Map: Cottage Accommodation in Launceston

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