With Tasmania surrounded by sea, it’s only natural that conditions will vary from time to time depending on the weather. This photo, taken at Couta Rocks on the north west coast of Tasmania by Carol Haberle, depicts the ocean affected by strong winds. Carol has captured the waves as they crash over rocks, sending a large sea spray into the air. I hope readers like this month’s choice ~ Greg Hale

Couta Rocks - North West Coast, Tasmania

Couta Rocks: north west coast, Tasmania

West Coast Tasmania: Couta Rocks

We can actually recall seeing photos from the Couta Rocks region come through Think Tasmania’s Instagram feed. Although we’ve never visited in person, it certainly looks like a wild and windy place, so we’re not surprised Carol included the location in her photography scenes.

Couta Rocks - Edge of the World

The Edge of the World

This quote comes from the BeachSafe website, to give you at least a snippet of information about Couta Rocks. We’re sorry we don’t have more personal knowledge to share with readers.

Couta Rocks is the name of a small fishing settlement consisting of about 10 shacks and the slipway on the northern side of the small bay. Beach T 882 is the main beach occupying the northern corner of the bay and receives waves averaging about 1 m, which break across a narrow low tide terrace. Low rocky points border the 150 m long beach, with scattered rocks and reefs extending into the bay. A vehicle track runs around the rear linking the two collections of shacks.

There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach.

In January 2014, we published an article titled Tassy Holidays: an Expert Expat. It was written and featured photography by Max Hidding of Warnbro, Western Australia. Guest author Max included this statement about Couta Rocks…

Couta Rocks on the west coast is another place that is either peaceful or wild. I can understand why Taswegians like to fish and camp in these areas. It feels like you are the only one there.

Couta Rocks - Tassy

Couta Rocks (photo by Max Hidding)

Arthur River: Edge of the World

Carol wrote an article for Think Tasmania titled Edge of the World: Walk on the Wild Side (including the nearby town of Arthur River) if you’re keen for some additional reading.

Couta Rocks - Arthur River

Near Couta Rocks: Arthur River, Tasmania

Greg Hale is curating this series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re delighted to continue sharing her great work with her fans.

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Map: Couta Rocks, Tasmania…

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