When we went to Cradle Mountain last time, our shuttle-bus driver told us we were extremely lucky with the weather. It WAS a magnificent day… sunny skies, warm and windless. We felt so privileged to have timed our visit for the perfect day.

Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake

Dove Lake: Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

And then she said “a day like this one only happens once a fortnight”. A fortnight! We thought she was going to say once a year or something equally diabolical, and make us feel really special. But no! We’re not that special apparently. We might not be special, but Cradle Mountain certainly is.

Cradle Mountain - National Park, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

We had reported to the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife information desk upon arrival, and were told there wouldn’t be any parking spaces available for personal cars at Dove Lake. There were actually plenty of parking spaces available as it turns out; but we’re glad we caught the shuttle bus anyway.

The road to Dove Lake is a bit hairy for anyone inexperienced with the intricate bends and turns. The bus drivers have a complex radio-calling system whereby they alert oncoming traffic about potential dramas. There’s not enough room for two vehicles to pass comfortably in some places.

Cradle Mountain - Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus: Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre

It’s relaxing on the shuttle bus; you get all the information as you pass attractions and walking tracks. The drivers know where to look for wombats and pause for passengers to take photos. And you can spend time perusing the map of Cradle Mountain National Park while you wait in line, making plans for walking adventures.

Cradle Mountain - Wombats?

Where’s the wombat?

It was our shuttle-bus driver who recommended the Enchanted Walk, followed by a cool drink on the deck at Cradle Mountain Lodge. For that titbit, she definitely earned a gold star!

Cradle Mountain - Kynvet Falls

Kynvet Falls: Interpretation Centre and Ranger Station

Imagine what the Cradle Mountain experience will be like if the proposed development plan is adopted and a cable car is installed. Even more special.

Map: Cradle Mountain, Tasmania…

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