The Tasmanian Craft Fair will mark its 31st year in 2011, and the stage is set for a celebration of artistic excellence across all forms, from blacksmithing to painting, jewellery to woodwork, paper making to ceramics, and everything in between.

Craft Fair - Woodwork

Craft Fair: Deloraine Tasmania (photo supplied)

Deloraine Tasmania: Craft Fair

The Tasmanian Craft Fair is the largest working demonstration of arts and crafts in Australia, and in 2011 will be held from November 4-7 in the picturesque town of Deloraine. The Fair features stallholders across a range of arts and crafts disciplines selling their work and demonstrating on-site how their craft is performed.

Craft Fair - Clay Modelling

Tasmanian Craft Fair (photo supplied)

A not-for-profit event run by the Rotary Club of Deloraine, the Craft Fair hosts more than 240 arts and craftspeople, involves more than 1000 community volunteers and attracts more than 25,000 people from throughout Tasmania, interstate and internationally. In 2011, the event will feature at least 15 venues, with shopkeepers in the main street of Deloraine also getting involved.

Celebration of Artistic Excellence

Each year the Fair is themed around the Centre of Excellence exhibition, showcasing the world’s best craftspeople in a featured discipline. In 2011, this feature exhibition will be Tasmanian Contemporary Furniture Design, with Tasmanian artists exhibiting their works.

The Craft Fair’s Emerging Artist for 2011 is Pete Mattila, a working blacksmith who has been in the US this year as an artist in residence. Pete’s work is a combination of strength and power of forged steel and the beauty and elegance of artistic expression.

French artist Anaïs Pitalier will be the event’s Visiting Artist, demonstrating her Illumination painting techniques at the studio of local painter Tony Smibert, who is acclaimed internationally for his work particularly on the Turner Method. Throughout the Craft Fair, there will be a range of classes for people of all ages, and working demonstrations.

Tasmanian Craft Fair: Food & Fun

The event also features a Gourmet Festival, with a range of Tasmanian food, wine and micro-brewed beers available while you sit back and relax. There is also a Gourmet Pantry, featuring predominantly Tasmanian-made produce such as jams, preserves, spices, puddings, wines, cheeses and more. There will be also a variety of local and interstate entertainers throughout the Craft Fair.

All funds raised through the Tasmanian Craft Fair are put back into every area of the community, with a variety of local, national and international development projects, projects to aid the disadvantaged and community improvement projects completed in the past 30 years. In total, more than $2 million has been raised through the Craft Fair for community projects.

Craft Fair - Deloraine Tasmania

Deloraine Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Think Tasmania will be visiting Deloraine for the event, as guests of Tasmanian Craft Fair. Tickets, information and photos (as indicated) supplied by TCF organisers.

Map of Deloraine Tasmania

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