Craig Kidd sent us a lovely note expressing his thoughts about his recent Tasmanian holiday. As he specifically wanted to thank everyone who made his anniversary Tassie trip so memorable, we thought we’d better pass it on.

Craig Kidd - Anniversary Holiday in Hobart

Holiday in Hobart: Salamanca Place (photo by Dan Fellow)

Craig Kidd is a FT Hospitality and Event Management Teacher for TAFE NSW. He actually worked on the same campus as one of our regular writers, Roger Findlay.

Craig’s wife took him to Tasmania (Hobart) recently for their 22nd anniversary. When he discovered where they were heading, he admitted having mixed feelings regarding the destination. However once they landed, Craig had to eat his words as he fell immediately in love with Hobart; the culture, history, food and wine. He will definitely be heading back to Tasmania to explore Australia’s best tourist destination.

Craig Kidd - Hobart, Australia's Best Tourist Destination

Hobart (photo by Dan Fellow)

Craig says: to all the local Tasmanians who went out of their way to help, assist, smile and provide the best customer service I have experienced in a very long time… my thanks. Why people are not arriving by the plane load to live in Tassie is beyond me!

We love to hear from anyone about their holiday in Hobart; or in fact any part of the state. People particularly love to read about the Tasmanian regional areas; a unique experience and meeting the locals.

Craig Kidd - Anniversary Holiday in Hobart

Wrest Point Casino, Hobart Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

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