Every year Sydney based artisan Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle makes a pilgrimage to Tasmania to recharge her creative batteries and show her work at the Tasmanian Craft Fair. This year it’s a little different; the trip is being extended and is including being part of the Royal Hobart Show with her ceramic and freshwater pearl jewellery.

Creatively Belle - The Hazards

Evening walk in Tasmania: The Hazards

Creatively Belle: Tasmanian Shows

“I love any excuse to extend my stay in Tasmania,” explains Belinda, “so when I was invited to be part of the Royal Hobart Show it took only moments for me to say yes. It means I can explore more of Tasmania with my camera and my watercolours.

“This beautiful island state feels like my natural home and I think that has a lot to do with how welcoming locals are to us creative creatures, how beautiful and intriguing the landscapes and animals are and the delicious food everywhere.

Creatively Belle - Seal

Handsome the Seal: Dunalley Tasmania

“I’d love to move here permanently but with my dad’s Parkinson’s I think mum would have conniptions if I left so I’ll just have to extend my Tassie trips and have the cat looked after by them”, explains Belinda.

Many artisans find taking time to be in nature, to stop and watch, to be quiet and have the birds and animals accept their presence and to breath pure clean air deeply to be a fabulous way to renew their spirits. And Tasmania is perfect for that.

Creatively Belle - Echidna

Echidna: Freycinet National Park

Creatively Belle - Platypus

Platypus: things to do in Tasmania

Belinda started making jewellery at university and returned to it after 10 years in the corporate world. It didn’t take long for her to figure out she could travel with her work and she has been exhibiting at the Tasmanian Craft Fair for seven years.

“My work is being informed much more from my travels in Tasmania than my life in Sydney. I now work with Southern Ice Porcelain and it was developed at the University of Tasmania. My first range of watercolour paintings that made it onto my porcelain are based on creatures I’ve spent hours watching in Tasmania and the landscapes I now love to paint are Tasmanian mountains and rivers and coastlines.

“This trip I’m looking forward to going to Bruny Island to the Bird Festival and between the two shows having a week in a beach shack with my paints and walking along beautiful beaches,” says Belinda.

Creatively Belle - Rocks

Tasmania: constant source of inspiration

Finding Belinda in Tasmania

Belinda will be at the Royal Hobart Show and the Tasmanian Craft Fair with her Creatively Belle designs of Southern Ice Porcelain necklaces and brooches, freshwater pearl earrings and necklaces and artisan glass designs.

Royal Hobart Show

Wednesday 19 – Saturday 22 October
Hobart Showgrounds
Website: Royal Hobart Show

Tasmanian Craft Fair

Friday 4 – Monday 7 November
Website: Tasmanian Craft Fair

Win: Creatively Belle Peace Bird Necklace

We’re delighted to be sharing Belinda’s beautiful work with you with this giveaway. Three readers will each win one of Belinda’s most popular designs, the Peace Bird on a long chain with lace imprint details… it goes with everything!

Creatively Belle - Think Tasmania Competition

Creatively Belle prize: Think Tasmania Competition

As we’ve said many times before, the competition rules on Facebook have always been too hard to handle, so we’re going to keep this in-house. We’re also going to keep it REALLY simple. Apparently a random draw is still allowed in Tasmania without applying for a permit, so here’s what you need to do…

Step 1 – leave a reply at the bottom of this article.

And that’s it! This will be a random draw, so comments won’t influence the outcome. But if you’d like to leave any feedback for Belinda about Creatively Belle’s prize Peace Birds, that would be really nice. You could discuss your visit to the Hobart Show and/or the Tasmanian Craft Fair, or even Think Tasmania… we’d love to hear it all. We won’t reply individually but we will be closely following all the comments and thank you in advance for your interest.

Creatively Belle Competition ~ Common Sense Please?

  • Leave a comment on this post by midnight 8 November 2016 (local time). We’ll choose a random winner using our website’s competition app.
  • Three Peace Bird necklaces (as shown above) valued at $36.49 each constitute the entire prize pool and will be mailed direct by Belinda. You will need to provide your postal address to Belinda by email.
  • Fair and reasonable terms and conditions automatically apply. So one entry each (our app is able to detect multiple entries).
  • Please apply common sense to all aspects of this Creatively Belle competition… we’d hate to disqualify someone for being silly.
  • We won’t use your email address for anything sinister, because we firmly believe in doing the right thing. Always. Don’t you?
  • We’ll announce the name of each winner here, on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also contact the three winners by email, and advise Belinda Stinson of the competition results so she can mail the prize Peace Bird necklaces directly to the winners.
  • Prizes will be posted no later than 30 November 2016.

What else do we need to stipulate? Nothing? Okay… then it’s over to you. Comment away! We wish you all the very best of luck. And if you’d be kind enough to share this competition opportunity with all your peeps, we’d be extremely happy. Besides showing a little friendly community spirit by spreading the joy, sharing will also no doubt lead to similar competitions in the future. And THAT can only be a good thing for everyone!

Think Tasmania Reader Discount Voucher

Belinda is also offering Think Tasmania readers a 10% discount to be used at the Royal Hobart Show and/or the Tasmanian Craft Fair. To claim the discount just show Belinda the voucher below. You can print the voucher and take along, or show via your mobile device.

Creatively Belle - Discount Voucher

Discount: Creatively Belle in Tasmania

Online purchases will attract a very generous 20% discount. The online discount code (product only, excluding shipping) for the shopping cart is {Think Tasmania 2016} and will be valid until 31 December 2016 for up to two uses per customer.

Creatively Belle is a Sydney-based business owned by Belinda Stinson. NSW readers can find Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets each Saturday and Sunday in Playfair Street, The Rocks. Phone 0414 502 887 for details or follow…

Creatively Belle - Clouds

Clouds: Tasmanian scenery