We are totally in love with the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship. We often admire passenger ships from afar as they gracefully glide up the River Derwent into Hobart. We’ve snapped countless photos and shared via Facebook; and we’ve always wondered what it would be like on board. And now, thanks to an invitation for Think Tasmania to join a port tour, we know the reality is just a magical as we’d imagined.

Cruise Ship - Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship: Hobart Tasmania

Cruise Ship: On Board in Hobart Tasmania

Firstly, we must admit it would be impossible to share everything about this cruise ship in a single article. During our few hours on board, we took 200 photos and walked 20kms. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but this beauty is massive. It would be understandable if all the passengers stayed on board and admired the views of Hobart right from their home-away-from-home.

Cruise Ship - Hobart

Views over Hobart: Celebrity Solstice cruise ship

Cruise Ship - Tasman Bridge

Tasman Bridge: River Derwent, Hobart Tasmania

Passengers Touring Tasmania

Clearly the guests don’t stay on board the cruise ship all day. Thankfully for the tourism operators and business owners in Tasmania, most areas were practically abandoned by passengers during our walk-around. They were off on buses and walking tours, possibly enjoying the Wooden Boat Festival.

Cruise Ship - Passengers Tour Hobart

Celebrity Solstice cruise ship: Hobart tours

I’d hate to give you the impression that gazing at the views is the only option on the Celebrity Solstice. Nice option that it is, you can get active if you want. The cruise ship employs two full time gardeners to maintain a real lawn on the top deck, and passengers can play various outdoor games.

Cruise Ship - Lawn Games

Real lawn, games and casual bar: cruise ship

Of course, what would a cruise ship be without a pool and deck chairs? Celebrity Solstice has indoor pools, outdoor pools and spa pools. Absolutely no shortage in that department. They all looked so inviting, we just wanted to stake a claim on a lounge and dip our toes in!

Cruise Ship - Pool Deck

Relax by the pool: cruise ship decks

Celebrity Solstice: Attention All Passengers

The upmarket Celebrity Solstice is essentially aimed at the adult traveller, but our guide was quick to point out that children were more than welcome. The cruise ship offers both child-free zones, and places the kids can cut loose.

Parents are required to supervise their own children at meal-times; otherwise the juniors and seniors can go their own ways.

Cruise Ship - Kids Room

Kids well catered for: Celebrity Solstice cruise ship

Just imagine… breakfast, a dip in the pool, a quick game of table tennis, maybe shoot a few hoops. And then retire to the lounge with a good book while the kids hit the PlayStation or the air hockey table. While the kids are still happy, you could have a spa or get your hair done. Bliss!

Cruise Ship - Hairdresser

Keeping up appearances:cruise ship salon

Wining and Dining Pleasure

During the tour, you get the sense that a major focus aboard Celebrity Solstice is food and wine. You’d be kidding yourself if you weren’t impressed by the range of dining and drinking options. On just this cruise ship alone, there was everything from room service, all-day buffet selections, coffee shops, cocktail bars, Chinese banquets… right through to fine dining. Not only are the passengers helping tourism operators in Hobart, they’re also eating food and drinking beverages that need to be restocked by local suppliers.

Cruise Ship - Fine Dining

Celebrity Solstice cruise ship: dining

It doesn’t matter what time hunger strikes either… somewhere on board there will be food available. Even if you choose to stay in your room in your PJs all day, one of the fabulously friendly staff will bring you refreshments.

Most of the food is included in the cost of your cruise ship holiday. Some restaurants incur a small surcharge and alcoholic beverages are an extra expense, but sold at reasonable prices.

Cruise Ship - Buffet Dining

Buffet dining area open almost all hours

At the conclusion of our Celebrity Solstice tour, we were invited into the main dining room to sample the food. Gee, it was good too. The sweet corn soup was so divine… craving that right now! Beef with mashed potato and tempura beans, washed down with a glass of wine. All followed by a chocolate and mocha dessert. Yum!  The staff were very friendly and by necessity they’re efficient, because they serve two sittings every evening and cater for hundreds of passengers.

Cruise Ship - Dining

Main dining room: cruise ship passengers

Good Health and Happiness on a Cruise Ship

If all this talk about eating and drinking has you worried about your waistline… there’s a gym on board. Apparently the multitude of exercise equipment is very under-utilised during the first few days of any cruise. Then around day three, the guilt kicks in and passengers start working up a sweat.

Cruise Ship - Gym

Gym aboard the cruise ship

If you like the idea of working up a sweat without running on the treadmill, you could book into the sauna room. The lounges face the full-length picture windows, and the beds are heated. I kid you not.

Cruise Ship - Health Spa

Heated beds in the steam room… relax and gaze at the views

Celebrity Solstice: Love At First Sight

There’s so many things we could tell you about Celebrity Solstice; we could write an article every day for a month and still have new material. We’ll be sharing more photos of the cruise ship via our Facebook page, no doubt.

Here’s a few more things we can tell you about the cruise ship, just briefly…

  • Security is paramount. We passed through three check points and they commandeered our passports before we were allowed on board. People and bags were scanned by staff. No one is
    getting on this cruise ship unless they’re meant to be there. We love that.
  • Passengers come from all over the world to join a cruise around Australia. You can mingle with different nationalities if you want. Or not, either way. We love that.
  • On board entertainment is so varied and offered at all times of the day and night. Live shows and music; dancing, performances and demonstrations. Even glass blowing, can you believe? We love that too.
Cruise Ship - Love

We are in LOVE: cruise ship holiday

Here at Think Tasmania, we are totally in love with the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship. Did we say that already?

Think Tasmania toured as guests on board the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship. For more information or to book a cruise ship holiday, please visit the operator’s website or contact a Tasmanian travel agent. You can also follow Celebrity Cruises on Facebook and Twitter.

Map: Cruise Ship Docks, Hobart Tasmania…

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