Think Tasmania was asked (by our loyal readers) to suggest cruises in Tasmania. As always, we can only vouch for those we’ve actually experienced; but that does cover a reasonable selection. As we were combing our index of things to do and generating a list for them, we thought we’d share the results with everyone. So here goes, in no particular order.

Cruises - Bruny Island Adventure

Pennicott Wilderness Adventure Cruises

Cruises: Tasmania’s Finest

First cab off the rank, or boat off the jetty if you like… the adventure cruises offered by Rob Pennicott and his team to Bruny Island. We joined the tour in Hobart and travelled by bus via Kettering to Adventure Bay, where we jumped aboard the famous, award-winning yellow boats. Never has a bad word been heard about these cruises, and as you can tell from the article we wrote, we’ve certainly joined the chorus of admirers. To choose one best feature would be difficult, but if pressed, we’d probably say the staff team. Awesome service with lots of smiles and fun.

The Cataract Gorge Cruise in Launceston was also a first-rate tour. But there’s no point repeating that sentiment every time. If we wrote a feature article, obviously it was worthy of inclusion on the website. Then and now. So go ahead and consider all the operators we mention here to be good, in our humble opinion at least.

Aboard the 1890-style Lady Launceston, visitors will be guided via the North Esk River past the Old Launceston Seaport and Kings Wharf, then on to the South Esk River towards Cataract Gorge. It’s a great vantage point to discover a well-loved Tasmanian icon.

Cruises - Cataract Gorge, Launceston

The Lady Launceston: Cataract Gorge Cruises

Wining and Dining on a Boat

Joining one of the dinner cruises with Captain Fell’s Historic Ferries in Hobart offers a different perspective of the River Derwent. A hot, three-course meal is included in the tour price. It’s not fancy, but the serves are generous and the food is fresh and tasty.  Over two hours, guests enjoy the commentary, free wine, coffee and cake and of course a gentle glide up and down the Hobart waterfront.

Cruises - Captain Fell's Historic Ferries

Captain Fell’s cruises: dinner

Michelle from Uncover Tasmania jumped aboard a tour to discover the Leven River in Ulverstone. By all accounts, she had a pretty nice day. Relaxing with wonderful views, the wildlife and bird-watching were highlights, including a very special sighting of a white-breasted sea eagle. Combined with a walk through natural bushland and a hearty three-course lunch, everyone should enjoy a pretty nice day!

Cruises - Leven River, Ulverstone

Jus’ Leven Cruises: Ulverstone (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Ferries and Luxury Catamarans

We’re including a boat-ride to Maria Island in this round-up of great local cruises. Technically, it’s more a ferry service for visitors bound for the national park off the east coast of Tasmania from Triabunna. But when you see a huge pod of dolphins feeding and playing around the boat, and the skipper allows extra time for passengers to enjoy the encounter… that’s a cruise! The Bruny Island Ferry is purely a ferry.

Cruises - Maria Island Ferry

Maria Island Ferries

A day trip from Hobart to Woodbridge aboard the Peppermint Bay luxury catamaran is nothing short of exemplary. Admittedly we wrote about this experience a long time ago and we understand at least some things have changed since then. Lunch for example, is now served in the restaurant. Back in our day, we were given a lunch-box selection on the boat. We imagine the new dining system is possibly an improvement.

Cruises - Peppermint Bay

Luxury catamaran: Peppermint Bay

Small and Quick; Big and Slow

Also in the stable of Hobart Cruises, is a one-hour zippy adrenalin rush courtesy of Wild Thing Adventures. A good choice for families with kids in Hobart, or those looking for a short and speedy tour of the Derwent River. Combining the action with some talk of the marine environment and rare coastal cliffs, it really does offer something to suit a broad range of tourists.

Cruises - Wild Thing

All aboard Wild Thing Adventures, Hobart

If you’ve arrived at this article hoping we’d mention a massive cruise ship, you’re in luck. We toured the Celebrity Solstice as it docked in Hobart during a tour of Australia, and it won our hearts. She’s a beauty! Reviewing the number of photos included in the article, we clearly found the ship to be pretty damn impressive!

Cruises - Celebrity Solstice

Cruises: Celebrity Solstice

Talk of Tasmanian Cruises

We do need to finalise this article, but before we go, we’ll just give a brief mention to Arthur River Cruises. Geoff Deer from Gunns Plains Caves nominated the trip during one of our Best in Tassie Challenges. He claims it represents one of the best tourist attractions in Tasmania. As a member of the tourism industry himself, he’s probably well-placed to know. We’ll hopefully confirm his thoughts with our own first-hand visit one day.

And speaking of first-hand visits relevant to this article, we’ve also been invited to join Wineglass Bay Cruises in conjunction with our stay at Sheoaks on Freycinet with business owner Margaret Morgan. We’ll dine at The Ugly Duck Out in Swansea too. So, lots of cruises listed here; all good, with more reviews to come in the future. And that’s a promise!

Cruises - Wineglass Bay

Cruises to Wineglass Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

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