Hello! We’re back here on the website after a lovely long break, and officially open for business again. Sadly, we didn’t go cruising around the world or anything QUITE that exciting. But the batteries have been recharged and we’re enthused and motivated about work.

We have actually been slowly easing back into regular life already this year via our social media channels. But this is our first website article for 2017, and it’s already autumn! So please get in touch now we’re totally back on deck. Help us resume normality as we’re ever-so keen to hear what you’ve all been up to while we’ve been lolling around with our feet up.


Cruising Around the World - Queen Mary II

Queen Mary 2: Hobart Tasmania

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Around the World in a Cruising Daze

Holidays are precious. It’s not often that we get a long period of time to just “sit” and “be” so, when we do, why shouldn’t we make the most of it? A cruise around the world is the perfect way to do just that. Wake up in a new destination every day and test your palate with new flavours at each meal. Travel around the world completely stress-free – yes, it is really possible!

Cruising - Cruise Ship, Hobart Tasmania

Cruise ship: Hobart wharf

Usually, when people return from a round-the-world-trip, they look tired and worn. With multiple flights, changing time zones and all those queues, it’s almost like you need another holiday just to recover!

But what if you could break the mould – if you could forget about all the last minute packing and that mad rush to make check-out on time? What if you could travel in style and comfort – enter your room and leave all your belongings there for at least 30 days?

Cruising - Hobart Tasmania

Cruising: Hobart Tasmania

A world cruise allows you to do this. Step aboard a luxury liner, make yourself comfortable, and let the calm of the cruise ship wash all your troubles away. Enjoy a massage, recline with a cocktail by the pool and watch the world pass you by (and when I write world, I really mean it).

Stop settling for single-destination holidays. Make the most of your time and see it all. The team at My Cruises have hand selected the best value itineraries on the most stylish ships – one quick look at our website will show all the countries you can explore! Fall in love with the Mediterranean, experience the rich culture of the Middle East, explore Africa, and unwind on the coast of Southeast Asia.

Cruising - Around the World Holiday

Holiday: Cruising Around the World

Moments are important and, whether big or small, we want all of yours to be unforgettable! The world is your oyster, so dine on as much of it as you can. Take a long break next holiday. See the world by sailing the seven seas!