Last week, we posted a simple comment about cupcakes on Facebook…

Cupcakes! Aren’t they just so popular? Maybe we should write a feature article about all the cupcake providers in Tassie. Who should be on the short-list for the best cupcake maker?

Cupcake - Patty Cake or Muffin

Conversation about cupcakes

Winning Cupcake Maker

The runaway favourite in our snap poll was 4 Little Piggies, a Devonport-based business owned by Nicki Sharp. We were so impressed by the enthusiasm and passion shown by her Facebook friends, we felt compelled to contact Nicki and find out more about her business. We’ll be bringing you details about her gorgeous cupcakes in a feature article shortly. AND there’s an exciting little surprise in store for Think Tasmania readers too!

4 Little Piggies - Harry Potter

Cupcakes: Four Little Piggies (photo supplied)

There were many other cupcake makers to receive a vote (or several votes) of confidence from their adoring fans during our poll. Just to be fair, we’ll give everyone at least a mention right here, in no particular order…

The Power of Facebook

If our small sample of data is anything to go by, cupcakes are more popular in the north of Tasmania. Do you think that could be true? Or do you think those in the north of the state are just better at utilising the benefits of our website and social media combination? Of course, if you have a favourite cupcake maker, no matter where they’re based in Tasmania, you are welcome to leave a reply below extolling their virtues.

Cupcake - Cafe Zeta, Latrobe

Cafe Zeta: Latrobe Tasmania (photo supplied)

You never know what a quick mention may lead to, because (besides our feature article about 4 Little Piggies) we also now have a date to meet with Kathryn Bramich of Cafe Zeta. Kathryn touched base with us during our cupcake Facebook challenge and left a delightful, personal message.

Kathryn didn’t realise at the time, but at least one Think Tasmania reader is a dedicated fan of Cafe Zeta, and has implored us many times (via Facebook) to visit her shop in Latrobe. We’ll be doing that asap.

Photos via Social Media

When we posted the cupcake comment on Facebook, we included an image from our own photo catalogue. The image was just a simple snapshot showing some cakes. They weren’t from a specialty cupcake maker… the cakes were just made at home one day, and we took a photo of them. Because that’s what we do! You never know when a photo of something totally random like that might come in handy. And there you go… we did eventually use the photo.

Anyway, that image inadvertently started a “discussion” about whether the cupcakes we buy in Tasmania are actually cupcakes at all. Apparently Americans bake a different version, and some would call the Tasmanian type a “patty cake” or even a “muffin”.

But that’s what we love about our Facebook page. Everyone has their own opinion, and inspiration and ideas for stories can come from anyone, anywhere. It’s like having our very own personal forum… without all the nasty rubbish. Because naturally, Think Tasmania followers are all wonderful, helpful and interested in all things Tasmanian.

We’re not totally unbiased when we talk about social media. We manage Facebook pages on behalf of Tasmanian business owners. (It’s just one of the services we offer our clients; other services are listed in the ‘about’ section of our Facebook page.) We don’t claim to be social media experts by any stretch, but we are pretty damn good at creating original and relevant content, and keeping the conversation going. And in our humble opinion, that’s the real value of having a Facebook page in the first place. If you’d like someone to tame the time-consuming beast that is Facebook for your business… just contact Think Tasmania.