It’s becoming a thing. Readers are enjoying our foodie articles so much, we’re starting to think we should lean towards that genre more. Should we? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… we are NOT professionally trained food critics. Is there even a real qualification for that? Whatever. Today we have for your viewing pleasure… Currency Cafe.

Currency Cafe - Fish n Chips

Fish n chips: Currency Cafe, Lindisfarne

Currency Cafe: Dining in Lindisfarne

You’ll find Currency Cafe at 6 Hume St in Lindisfarne. For the benefit of tourists, Lindisfarne is a cute waterside village-suburb on the eastern shore of Hobart. The cafe is housed in a former Commonwealth Bank building, hence the clever name.

Take what you will from the photos. We thought the fish batter was light and tasty, and the crumb on the chicken was nicely seasoned. The burger beef was thick and juicy; the bun was fresh and not too flaky. Our party-of-four enjoyed every selection, but the winner for us was the calamari dish with pork crackling. It had a scrumptious zucchini pickle on the side. How are we doing… are we using correct food-critic terminology?

Currency Cafe - Calamari & Pork Crackling

Calamari with pork crackling

The menu would’ve changed since our outing, as good restaurateurs are prone to update their seasonal selections. You can view the happening version via the Currency Cafe website. As you can see online, main meals range in price from $15-25.

Family Friendly Fare

The service was 100% fantastic, and we’d rate Currency Cafe as fairly family-friendly. Our kiddies are practically adults now, so it’s hard for us to remember what it’s like to guide a pram between tables. However, our dining-room neighbours had a toddler and a really cute baby (in a highchair) and all seemed happy in their camp too. If your kids like nothing other than hot chips, these ones were fantastic, for diners of all ages.

Currency Cafe - Burger n Chips

Beef burger, hand-cut chips

Currency Cafe - Chicken n Chips

Fried chicken, sweet chilli dipping sauce

Gavin is quite fussy about his coffee, and he gave the offering at Currency Cafe the thumbs up. He would return again. The rest of us sampled the sweet selection. The idea was to try three variations and share them all, but… When the kids were given their allocation, they decided sharing wasn’t such a good idea!

Currency Cafe - Caramel Slice

Caramel slice

Currency Cafe - Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownie: caramel sauce, whipped cream

For the first time ever, I sampled a macaron. I’ve seen them lots before (obviously!) but never dipped my toe in the waters of this particular meringue-based confection. Apparently, it’s quite an art to make a good macaron, and without having a point of comparison, I liked the Currency Cafe version a lot. I wonder if I should research the Tasmanian-made macaron industry a little more. What are your thoughts?

Raspberry macaron, a little sweetie to finish the meal

Raspberry macaron

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