What do you think when someone mentions the CWA? Cakes? Me too! So I was more than happy to visit the CWA Gift Shop at 165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart so I could research an article for Think Tasmania.

CWA Gift Shop - Carrot Cake

Frosted Carrot Cake favourite: CWA Gift Shop, Hobart

CWA Gift Shop: 165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Roger Findlay was actually the catalyst for this article. He gave me a voucher for the CWA Gift Shop as a present during his recent holiday in Tasmania, and suggested I write an article to publish on the website. Given the CWA ladies are about to celebrate their 70th birthday (October 10) it seemed like another one of his very good ideas.

Manager CWA Gift Shop: Johanna Warren

After my visit, I made contact with Johanna Warren, Manager of the CWA Gift Shop, Hobart. She was more than happy for me to write an article, and gave me the following information…

The first CWA Gift Shop in Hobart opened in 1942 in rented rooms in Murray St. That was followed by a move to Mather’s Lane in 1949. Previously the site had been a butcher shop and a hotel, and in 1951 the building was purchased. The shop was established so members could sell their goods to help them through tough times.

CWA Gift Shop - Children's Clothing

CWA Gift Shop clothes and toys

Currently the CWA Gift Shop has about 70 members and is manned purely by volunteers… mostly CWA members but some lovely ladies that just like to have something different to do! They are always looking for new volunteers and members, so if the idea appeals to you, go ahead and contact Johanna Warren.

CWA Gift Shop - Preserves, Flowers & Slices

CWA Gift Shop produce: jams, sauces and flowers

CWA Ladies: Celebrating 70 Years

70 years on, the CWA (Country Women’s Association) is quite an important organisation. It’s one of the largest groups offering friendship and focus for women in Tasmania. Aside from the fabulous array of cakes, preserves and hand-crafts they make and sell through the gift shop, the group also provides valuable assistance to local families in the community. Through fundraising and charity work, the reach includes helping rural women in other countries and offering feedback to agencies and government departments.

CWA Gift Shop - Jams and Preserves

Marmalade by Number 9: CWA Gift Shop, Hobart

Thanks to Roger and the CWA Gift Shop ladies, my kids have enjoyed a variety of cakes and slices in their lunch boxes lately. And I must say, number 99 makes some pretty amazing tomato sauce!

CWA Gift Shop - Cakes and Slices

Tempting array of cakes: 165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

The CWA Gift Shop is at 165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart. For more information, phone Johanna Warren 6234 4187 or follow the CWA Gift Shop on Facebook.

Map: CWA Gift Shop, 165 Elizabeth Street in Hobart

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