A seriously belated welcome, actually. Dan Fellow has been with Think Tasmania from day one as our professional tourism photography expert. But we’d be remiss not to introduce him formally, as we did with Mike Fry.

Dan Fellow - Professional Tourism Photography

Stanley Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Something is recent though, and that’s Dan’s foray into the Facebook social media market. His new page is called Tasmania Photos and has just been launched. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Dan Fellow - Tasmania Photos Facebook Page

Tasmania Photos (photo by Dan Fellow)

Professional Tourism Photography by Dan Fellow

Dan Fellow is well known in Tasmania for his professional tourism photography. He is also the man behind Desktop Tasmania, a multimedia CD. This is the blurb from his Desktop Tasmania Photos website…

DESKTOP TASMANIA is a stunning collection of over 2000 high resolution digital photos on CD Rom depicting the many wonders of Australia’s island state. The CD also includes 50 action videos and an 85 photo freeware screensaver and comes with it’s own photo viewer software. The photos can be used copyright free for non commercial printing, presentations, email, and more.

Dan Fellow - Desktop Tasmania

Desktop Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

The History of Desktop Tasmania

Desktop Tasmania was initially released in 2000. Since then, the CD has been constantly revised, with new photos added as attractions evolve in Tasmania. Similar to a personal photo storage system, the images are arranged into Tasmanian regional files as well as subjects. You can search for national parks, people, wildlife and historical sites. There’s even a bonus section with sunrise and sunset shots… always popular!

Dan Fellow - Tasmanian Sunrise

Sunrise and sunset images (photo by Dan Fellow)

Desktop Tasmania sells for $19.95 AUD, and is available from Dan Fellow via Think Tasmania’s online shop. You’ll also find copies of the digital puzzles CD there.

Dan Fellow - Tourism Photography Table Cape Tulips

Table Cape Tulips (photo by Dan Fellow)

Digital Puzzles: Tasmanian Tourism Photography

In addition to this awesome souvenir CD, Dan Fellow has also recently released his digital puzzles CD. After getting a copy last month, we can guarantee jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts will be enthralled. And there’s no table-top required because you do the jigsaw on your computer. How cool is that?

Dan Fellow - Wildlife Digital Puzzles

Digital puzzles (photo by Dan Fellow)

Naturally, there are copyright restrictions in place for the commercial use of images. Before “borrowing” any of the photos, you should first contact Dan Fellow by email or phone 0417 776 566. Any images, including those with credit given to Dan on the Think Tasmania website, are for sale. You can either contact Think Tasmania or Dan himself for more information.

Work by Dan Fellow: Think Tasmania

A search will reveal many, many Think Tasmania articles featuring photography by Dan Fellow. Some articles have been written by Dan himself; others showcase individual photos by Dan, with words by other authors. Here’s just a small selection…

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