When you talk about Tasmanian champion sports persons, the name David Foster immediately springs to mind, alongside David Boon and Ricky Ponting. A few weeks ago David Foster was competing at the 2012 Royal Easter Show in Sydney along with his daughter Janelle; and Stephen his son.

David Foster - Tasmanian Champion

Tasmanian champion David Foster: woodwork

David Foster: True Tasmanian Champion

by Roger Findlay

At 55 years of age, David Foster is considered to be a veteran but he’s still up there with the best. Janelle has made sure of that as she is now his personal trainer. After losing a cool 90kg, Janelle is now comfortable at 95kg and claims she is stronger than her father! Ladies, if you’re reading this and you want to lose a few kilos the secret is to get up early, exercise well and eat healthy food. Janelle and David Foster gave that exact advice for the Australia All Over program on ABC radio.

David Foster Exhibition: Latrobe

The Foster family had their own exhibition rooms alongside the Lucas Hotel in Latrobe before the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame got going. We visited in 2004 and were lucky enough to witness this magnificent collection of trophies that the true Tasmanian champion had won. Rolex watches did not look out of place alongside crystal cut goblets, gold plated axe heads and countless 1st prize sashes.

David Foster - Trophy Display

Trophies won by champion Tasmanian David Foster

David Foster - Latrobe

Latrobe, north west Tasmania (before Axeman’s Hall of Fame)

David Foster - World Champion Woodchopper

David Foster: world champion titles

In Sydney, David and Stephen didn’t have enough to win their event but they did finish an honourable second. Janelle competed with her father in the Jack and Jill event where they were worthy winners. David put it down to being a vegetarian. Yes, he eats meat that eats grass!

Tasmanian Champion; Adoring Public

David Foster was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Reckon AP Conference held in Hobart. A YouTube video was captured by Reckon’s Business Division CEO Gavin Dixon during the Jack and Jill double-saw competition at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney on Monday, 9 April 2012.

Michelle wrote this about David Foster in her article about the Gunns Plains Potato Festival…

When I arrived, champion axeman David Foster was at his charismatic best. He was judging the potato cooking competitions and having an excellent time sampling all the mashed potato entries. Some had interesting ingredients added to them, such as horseradish, as well as other sweet and savoury dishes. David has always been very generous with his time in helping out small communities such as Gunns Plains.

Gunns Plains Potato Festival - David Foster

Champion: David Foster (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

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Map: Latrobe, Tasmania

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