My name is David Lamplough, and I live in Elizabeth. I actually spent my early childhood in the 1950s living on Mount Nelson, until the age of ten, when my parents left to seek work in South Australia. With my wife, I visited Tasmania in 2008. I have just recently put together some of my photos from that trip into what I call the “Timeless Tasmania Collection”. I presented these images to my local camera club, where they were well received. Now I’d like to share them with Think Tasmania readers too.

5. Nelson Falls.

Nelson Falls (photo by David Lamplough)

West Coast Tasmania

by David Lamplough

In this article, we’ve featured just a small selection from the Timeless Tasmania Collection by David Lamplough. We chose to publish this particular group of photos showcasing the western wilderness region. The original submission covered a broad range of Tasmanian places and we’ll endeavour to share more of David’s timeless images with all our readers in the future.

David Lamplough will actually be returning to Tasmania again in October, with the idea of taking lots more photographs. The holiday itinerary includes…

23. Lighthouse, Macquarie Harbour.

Lighthouse: Macquarie Harbour (photo by David Lamplough)

19. Inner Beacon, Macquarie Harbour Tasmania.

Inner Beacon: Macquarie Harbour (photo by David Lamplough)

David will apparently be using “more sophisticated equipment” during his next Tasmanian trip. We think he’s managed to capture some fantastic images already… regardless of the equipment. As always we really appreciate contributions from our dedicated community.

18. West Coast Wilderness Railroad.

West Coast Wilderness Railroad (photo by David Lamplough)

16. Rain Squall over Macquarie Harbour.

Macquarie Harbour (photo by David Lamplough)

14. King River, South West Wilderness.

King River, South West Wilderness (photo by David Lamplough)

If you have a collection of photos and a relevant story to accompany them, please contact Think Tasmania. We love to share new and interesting material with all our readers via the website, newsletter and social media.


10. West Coast Sky, Macquarie Harbour.

West Coast Sky, Macquarie Harbour (photo by David Lamplough)

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