Recently I met David Moore who hails from Franklin, a small town between Huonville and Geeveston about 45kms south of Hobart. I found him to be funny, easy-going, a bit cheeky and a good communicator. Not your typical computer geek at all… but that’s what he is! The IT guy here at Think Tasmania, also has to suffer that moniker; so the term “computer geek” is used with the utmost respect. David knows his way around a PC… and he has a good knowledge of Facebook.

David Moore - Overland Track

David Moore: I Hate My PC (photo supplied)

David Moore: I Hate My PC

David Moore was the go-to man for the 2012 Huon Valley Business Expo social media campaign, which is how we originally connected. He also owns I Hate My PC… and that business name resonates with me on many a day. During the epic Think Tasmania Facebook News Feed Debacle (please don’t ask) David was extremely helpful and came up with an amazing range of advice. No stone was left unturned in the quest to restore sanity to my work day.

I am well aware from my work in social media management that “I Hate My PC” is a phrase spoken pretty damn often, to state things mildly. Now that my Facebook News Feed is restored to its proper working order (finally) I decided it was time to introduce you to David Moore. Consider it my community service announcement for the week. Here’s a little about the man behind the computer.

You moved to Tasmania from Sydney. Why?

My wife (Susan) and I moved to Tassie in May 2010. We’d been talking about getting out of Sydney for quite some time. Years earlier we’d worked out that our generation will probably never get anything like a traditional “retirement”. We realised we’d have to work… somehow… until we dropped. So we chose to organise a good life now, because the mantra of “waiting for retirement to enjoy yourself” just wasn’t going to work. Then one day our local paper up there proudly announced that there would soon be another 250,000 residents. on our peninsula Susan and I looked at each other and said “minus two”. We didn’t want to be part of that madness or stay around complaining about traffic, pollution, noise, crime etc. etc. So we bailed out pretty fast after that.

Lots of great places in Tassie; why choose the Huon Valley?

We’d been holidaying around Australia to find places we’d like to live and Tassie had pretty much become the focus of that. Susan works for an international company by telecommuting and sometimes needs to fly. So our criteria had to include “within an hour of a major airport”. We also wanted a certain amount of land, size of house etc. etc. We’d done our homework. We did attempt to purchase a place near Launceston but fortunately that fell through as the place we have now is much better. The Huon Valley is wonderful and we have joined a fantastic community here. Wonderful people.

David Moore - Mobile

David Moore: I Hate My PC (photo supplied)

How did you get involved in the Huon Valley Business Expo?

The reason the expo happened goes back a while. When I arrived in Franklin I spoke to Scott Dufty of the local Business Enterprise Centre about networking events, breakfasts, and the like. In Sydney I did at least two a week and got a lot of business via word of mouth and by making friends. I prefer soft-networking over “give me your card” networking. Anyway, there were none so Scott and I made monthly business breakfasts happen in the Huon Valley. They’ve been going for a couple of years now. Then one day I said to Scott “you know, we had a business expo in Sydney. I reckon we should have one in the valley.” We put that first one together in about five months. The rest you pretty much know, because you were there!

David Moore - Huon Valley Business Expo

Huon Valley Business Expo

Share with us your highlights for I Hate My PC

Before moving to Tassie I won a business award for I Hate My PC for the “Best New Business” through the Business Swap International Australian Chapter. That was pretty amazing. I have a lot of pride in the “I Hate My PC” branding and business name. I seem to have touched a nerve there and most folks get the sense of humour about it and love it. It certainly has generated a lot of comments and laughs. I am hoping the next phase for the business, “Don’t Lose It” goes even better.

This May I will have been married to Susan for 20 years. It blows my mind. Susan is amazing and our time together has flown. Life is just getting better and we have some big plans for the future. I can’t say what yet but it will be good for the Huon Valley. Of course, making our life better by coming to Tassie is a highlight. I’ve only ever live in one city before that. This IS my big adventure.

If you have a computer malfunction or problem, David Moore from I Hate My PC is your man. And if you have vitally important data on your computer that you need saved or stored, David Moore can also help you with that through his Don’t Lose It system. You can follow both I Hate My PC and Don’t Lose It on Facebook for great tips.

Think Tasmania Articles by David Moore

Not only can David save the day when your computer backfires, he’s also handy with a camera and an accomplished writer. Capably assisted  by wife Susan, David Moore has written several articles for Think Tasmania. Check them out!

David Moore - Tahune AirWalk

David Moore: Tahune Airwalk (photo supplied)