We know the drill. Do not attempt a day trip to Bruny Island. It’s simply not enough time to take in ALL the attractions and appreciate the beauty of the region. We accept that is true. But we broke the rules just this once, so we could visit Cape Bruny Lighthouse and explore the actual setting of novel The Lightkeeper’s Wife with friends from interstate. Not only that, we made the trek after spending a few hours of the morning in Hobart at Salamanca Market.

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Kettering Ferry

Mirrambeena Ferry: Kettering to Bruny Island

Hobart: Day Trip to Bruny Island

We had a dream run with the Bruny Island Ferry. We left Hobart knowing we’d need a degree of luck on our side if we were to catch the 11:05am crossing. We were prepared to while away some time at Nutpatch Nougat in Kettering if we missed the boat. But we didn’t! Our car was the very last to board the bottom-tier of the ferry, just as the doors were scheduled to close, and we motored away from the marina. Our day trip to Bruny Island was off to a great start.

From Roberts Point, we drove straight to the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve and Lookout and tackled the 200-and-something steps to the top. It’s a good way to stretch the legs and get the heart pumping. One day we’ll return at dusk and do the walk to the penguin rookery… it’s a free wildlife experience near the beach. Visitors can watch the Fairy Penguins return to their burrows in the sand dunes.

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Heaven

Stairway: Bruny Island Isthmus

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Views

Views: Bruny Island Lookout

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Isthmus

Isthmus connecting North and South Bruny

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Sea Views

Ocean vista: Lookout

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Truganini

Truganini Memorial, Bruny Island Tasmania

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Lookout

Looking down: Bruny Island Lookout

Bruny Island Premium Wines

It was time for a well-earned lunch break once we’d conquered the lookout steps. En route to the South Bruny National Park and the lighthouse, we had the choice of Hothouse Cafe on the corner of Adventure Bay Road; Hotel Bruny at Alonnah and Bruny Island Premium Wines near Lunawanna. After some indecision, the latter was the eventual location of a lovely, leisurely lunch overlooking the vineyards. Yes, it was a day trip to Bruny Island, but we still found time to dine in style!

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Cellar Door

Cafe and cellar door: Bruny Island Premium Wines

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Vineyard

Lunch: picturesque vineyard

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Premium Wines

Still time to relax: day trip to Bruny Island

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Burger

Bruny Island lamb and wallaby burgers

Lunawanna to Adventure Bay

Once we’d finished our discovery of Cape Bruny Lighthouse, we drove the 10kms from Lunawanna to Adventure Bay through the State Forest. That was a big mistake. The gravel road hadn’t been graded recently, and the pot holes were huge. The road is quite narrow, but if kept in better condition, it would have been fine for traversing the hills. You do need to hope the city slickers keep to their own side of the road when rounding the corners though!

That minor inconvenience aside, we were pleased to arrive in Adventure Bay. We wanted to show our tourists the location of the Pennicott Wilderness Journey boats after discussing our Bruny Island adventure cruise experience. The waters were crystal clear and so blue… it was almost enough to entice us into the water. We should have packed the bathers! Plenty of families were enjoying the sunshine, and colourful kayaks were bobbing along in the gentle waves.

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay: Bruny Island

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Family-friendly Beaches

Beach: Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

We chose not to skinny dip, but instead drove back towards Roberts Point to catch the return ferry. We did discuss the option of driving a little further north to Dennes Point for a coffee at Jetty Cafe and a browse of the Art at the Point Gallery. That was option B if we missed the boat, but again we timed our arrival perfectly and sailed back across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, munching on fresh cherries.

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Ferry, The Mirambeena

Bruny Island Ferry (The Mirambeena) Kettering

And that was our day trip to Bruny Island done and dusted, apart from the 30-minute drive back to Hobart. Next time, we’ll tackle more of the Made on Bruny gourmet trail; maybe visit the history rooms to learn more about Captain Cook’s landing and check out the Bruny Island Quarantine Station. Yep, an overnight stay is definitely required for all that.

Day Trip to Bruny Island - Oysters

Made on Bruny gourmet trail: oysters

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