Delish Fine Foods is a delicatessen and cafe in Wivenhoe, a suburb of Burnie in the north west of Tasmania. We stayed in the region during the Burnie International earlier in the year, and heard Delish did a respectable gourmet breakfast. So of course, we had to find out for ourselves if that was true. Turns out, we can confidently recommend the place to you, because the breakfast was first class.

Delish Fine Foods - Wivenhoe

Delish Fine Foods, Wivenhoe (east Burnie)

Delish Fine Foods Indeed

Getting back to my childhood and memories of Dr Seuss books, I ordered the Green Eggs and Ham. I don’t think it would be overstating things to say these were the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten. Soft and creamy, and combined with pesto (hence the green), they were served with freshly baked bread and a balsamic dressing. Two things I’d like to point out though: they tasted much better than my photo makes them look; and the serve was very generous.

Gavin ordered Panini with fried eggs, Wursthaus bacon and bell pepper relish, and was equally impressed. One of the crash test dummies decided to order lasagna and salad. Yes, I know I said breakfast, but this junior likes to rise much earlier than the rest of us and eat straight away. So for him, it probably was almost lunch time! Whatever the meal, he was pretty happy with his choice. He wasn’t all that keen to share a taste-test of the pasta, but the salad he was quite generous with. The dressing (again) was perfect.

Delish Fine Foods - Gourmet Breakfast Menu

Gourmet breakfast: Delish Fine Foods, Burnie

Wivenhoe Burnie: All the Essentials

Delish Fine Foods is on the main road, driving into Burnie from the coastal town of Penguin, a lovely place about 15kms to the east. The cafe is located in a small shopping strip in Wivenhoe with a bakery and fish n chip shop… and maybe even a butcher? Yes, definitely a butcher, with a fruit and veg shop nearby too.

They have a good view out to Bass Strait and towards the Burnie port, where cruise ship The Volendam was parked for the day. Its passengers were visiting some of the attractions around the area, including Wings Wildlife Park and we snapped a photo to share on Facebook with Megan and Tracey Wing.

Delish Fine Foods - The Volendam Cruise Ship, Burnie

Volendam cruise ship: Burnie, north west Tasmania

The staff were friendly and efficient; some were busy preparing platters to go off-site with cheese, deli meats and crackers. We found out later those very platters were bound for the corporates at the Burnie International. Lucky devils! But anyone can enjoy a take-away culinary experience from the Delish Fine Foods delicatessen. They have a substantial providore with a selection including local and imported cheeses, small-goods, chocolates, sweets, preserves, spices and pasta.

Delish Fine Foods - Cafe & Delicatessen

Delish Fine Foods: providore, cafe and delicatessen

And for those of you hanging on my every word, waiting for the verdict on the coffee… our official caffeine junkie proclaimed the Jasper coffee from Delish Fine Foods would rate among the best in Tasmania. Geez, we’ve given them a big wrap, haven’t we? Yes we have, and we’ll definitely be making our way back there on our next trip to the north west coast in June.

The Burnie Farmers Market is also in Wivenhoe every second Saturday, but that’s a story for another day.  Access to the market is from Anglesea Street, just around the corner from the Delish Fine Foods shopping centre. So if you play your cards right, you could combine the two; have a really big day and eat and drink your way around Burnie!

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