The Derby River Derby is almost upon us again. For 30-something years, adventure-seekers and fun-lovers have descended upon north east Tasmania at this time of the year. We’re very tempted to rearrange our own schedule to make the trek from Hobart and join the contingent. I can guarantee, the writer personally would not be tackling the rapids of the Rinarooma River. But I would certainly make an exemplary spectator!

Derby River Derby - North East Rivers Festival

Derby River Derby (photo by Dan Fellow)

Derby River: Action Aplenty

The Derby River Derby is part of an annual 10-day celebration, this year starting October 18. All the events are listed on the North East Rivers Festival website. Gina Scott of Platypus Park Country Retreat described two of the events (the Derby Bike Challenge and the Bridport 10 Fun Run) for Think Tasmania.

The main event (the Derby River Derby) is set down for Saturday October 26 and again, all the details can be found online at the official channels. We’ll give you our report once we’ve actually been… if not this year, then maybe the next? In the meantime, check out the great photos from the archives of Dan Fellow. They were taken ten years ago (can you believe!) but they still give a pretty good indication of the excitement and action. I wonder if any of the participants from 2003 can recognise themselves in this collection of photos? Do you think they’ll be lining up and rafting the river again in 2013?

Derby River Derby - North East Rivers Festival

North East Rivers Festival (photo by Dan Fellow)

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Map: Derby River Derby, Tasmania

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