Derby Tasmania is now the “mountain bike capital of the world”. Or so we’ve heard.

Derby Tasmania - Town Hall

Derby Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Mountain Bike Capital of the World

There have been many changes to the small north east Tasmanian town since we published an article about Derby WAY, WAY back in 2012. I don’t know why, but Google throws up these ancient Internet gems occasionally, from the 1,275 blog posts we’ve shared since 2010. Obviously our SEO techniques have been a bit too on-point. At least readers can see publication dates (right at the top of each page) and disclaimers about ancient information on all Think Tasmania articles.

You can take a look back in time here, if you like: Derby Tasmania. Bridport local Gina Scott of Platypus Park Country Retreat did a fine job promoting her much-loved region.

Derby Tasmania - Platypus Park Country Retreat

Platypus Park Country Retreat (photo by Carol Haberle)

Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre to Crank It Cafe

The former Tin Centre is now known as Crank It Cafe. It’s a shame the fabulous Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre is no longer, but these things happen with progress. And Crank It Cafe sounds a very fitting name for a business in the mountain bike capital of the world. We hope it does well.

Another favourite place from our north east jaunt was Hobbyts’ Dragon. That business plus a former bookshop… apparently they’re both now bike shops! Berries Café has morphed into a pizza shop and the town still boasts two hotels. Winning!

Derby Tasmania - North East

Derby Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Do you want to protest the the claim that Derby Tasmania is the mountain bike capital of the world? Please write to me, post haste. I always love a bit of banter; it’s the best.

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Map: Derby Tasmania

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