Devil of a Cookbook is the result of two of its author’s passions in life. Fiona Hoskin is the Tasmanian branch manager for Thermomix, so the recipes in the book are designed for use with the advanced kitchen appliance. But the thing that really appeals to us about the book is this: all proceeds from sales will go to the Devil Island Project, to protect the endangered Tasmanian Devil, a much-loved icon of wildlife in Tasmania.

Devil of a Cookbook - Thermomix

Thermomix: Devil of a Cookbook by Fiona Hoskin

Devil of a Cookbook: the Launch

Fiona Hoskin launched her Devil of a Cookbook in Hobart on Monday with the help of some of her friends. The room at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre was filled with media representatives and Thermomix consultants, who all seemed thrilled to be associated with the project. Given that these (mostly) women are all dedicated to taking fresh Tasmanian produce and creating stunning gourmet food, you can just imagine the spread on offer!

Devil of a Cookbook - Hobart Function & Conference Centre

Hobart Function Centre

Devil of a Cookbook - Food by Thermomix Consultants

Thermomix morning tea

After guests were treated to morning tea and a celebratory glass of champagne, Grace Mazur, Managing Director of Thermomix in Australia, took to the microphone. Congratulating Fiona Hoskin on the launch, she then introduced Tasmanian parliamentarian Kerry Finch, a patron of the Devil Island Project. He spoke about Fiona’s efforts to raise money and awareness of the plight of the Tasmanian Devil and the fight against Facial Tumour Disease.

Fiona Hoskin: Devil of a Woman

We met Fiona Hoskin about 12 months ago. Intrigued by the Devil of a Cookbook concept, we kept in touch, keen to share the outcome with you. As with many worthy fundraising initiatives, it’s been a mammoth effort from idea to realisation, with delays and hurdles along the way. The eventual publication of the book is a triumph in itself. But now (having heard Kerry speak) we have a renewed respect for Fiona, the driving force behind the book.

As a well-respected and celebrated Tasmanian chef, Fiona was able to lend her name and recipes to the Devil of a Cookbook and gain instant recognition. And she could well have left the association there and been praised for her involvement. But that’s not what she did. She jumped in, boots and all, as an ambassador for the conservation of the iconic and endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Recipes for the latest in the Thermomix collection of cookbooks, have been designed by Tasmanian consultants and customers. There’s a Sticky Lime Cake by Joan Wylie of Burnie that sounds divine; and a Sixty Second Fruit Cake by Tina Singline of Bicheno that will make Christmas a whole lot easier for some! Fiona worked tirelessly to collect and collate all the contributions, as well as donating recipes for some of her own signature dishes (from acclaimed former Launceston restaurant Fee and Me).

Devil of a Cookbook - Thermomix Demonstration

Fiona Hoskin demonstrates the Thermomix

Tetsuya Wakuda: Devil of a Cookbook

Fiona also convinced world-renown chef and Tasmanian ambassador Tetsuya Wakuda to join her mission. Tetsuya wrote the foreword for Devil of a Cookbook and contributed a handful of recipes. They include Lobster Ravioli with Tomato and Basil Vinaigrette; and Grilled Fillet of Veal with Wasabi and Sea Urchin Butter. He was also in attendance at the launch and spoke of his passion for fresh produce; the worthwhile cause to protect a native species, and his love of Tasmania in general.

Devil of a Cookbook - Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya Wakuda: Tasmanian ambassador

Working on recipes and collaborating with industry colleagues for Devil of a Cookbook might sound like just a day’s work for a top chef. But Fiona also ran the London Marathon to raise international awareness and funds to build the first Devil Island. A marathon! And more than once, actually. That’s some serious commitment. Other events have been held over the years, involving dinners and dancing… but a marathon? Wow! Apparently a Tasmanian Devil runs the equivalent of a marathon every night in the quest to eat, so there’s the connection.

Devil of a Cookbook - Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil (photo by Dan Fellow)

We must stress that Fiona did not embark on all these tasks on her own. The Devil Island Project (DIP) is the brainchild of Bruce Englefield, and actually deserves a separate feature article (that’s coming soon). Suffice to say that an army of men, women and children have volunteered their time, effort and expertise to raise an enormous amount of money over several years. Some of them with a high profile, such as Shane Gould, also a patron of the DIP and in attendance at the launch.

But for now we’d like to add to the chorus congratulating Fiona Hoskin on the release of Devil of a Cookbook. She’s an inspiration to all of us. Next time someone complains about being too busy… thoughts will return to Fiona. Her campaign to help save the Tassie Devils proves that one person can make an incredible difference.

Devil of a Cookbook sells for $40 and is a stunning collection of recipes, with images of both food and scenery from Tasmania. For more information you can like Devil of a Cookbook on Facebook. If you’d like more details, just contact Think Tasmania or leave a reply on this article and we’ll forward your details.