Tasmanian Softies are all about the preservation of our very own iconic Tasmanian Devil. We’re doing all we can to ensure we still have the Tasmanian Devil in 20, 30 and 50 years from now. We support the great work the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is doing through research, education, devil-breeding and building up an insurance population in many areas throughout Tasmania, Australia and now overseas.

Devils at Cradle - Tasmania

Tasmanian Softies: (photo supplied)

Tasmanian Softies Adopt Devils At Cradle

by Angela Wilson

Through the selling of our handmade Tasmanian Softies we now regularly donate to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. In 2012, we decided we also wanted to sponsor two Tasmanian Devils from Devils at Cradle, Cradle Mountain. We began our enquiries and in 2013 sent the following email:

Hi Devils at Cradle

We would love to contribute to your adopt a devil program. We can donate $100 at the moment. Could you please send us some photos of devils to adopt as they become available?

We look forward to your reply. Angela, Tasmanian Softies

Devils at Cradle soon replied:

Hi guys,

Thanks for the email. An adoption costs $50 and is essentially a twelve month sponsorship of one of our Tasmanian devils or quolls. We could organise for the $100 you have raised separate adoptions for two animals.

The devils we currently have up for adoption are two-year-old siblings, Fergy (female), Mortimer (male), Narcissus (male) and Windermere (female). Two further two-year-old animals, Molly (female), and Minion (male), are new to the park and were brought in for our 2013 breeding season. Also, two one-year-old male devil siblings named Ralfie and Lucky, four-year-old female Ossa; five-year-old male Fury, and three-year-old male Ossie. Pictures of these individuals, as well as other devils and quolls which may be adopted upon request can be found on the Devils at Cradle Facebook page, and are updated regularly.

Adoptions can be processed in a number of ways other than here at the sanctuary in person. The first is by direct transfer into our bank account, the details of which can be found on our website in the donations section, making reference to devil adoption, and then sending us a transfer confirmation by email. Adoptions can also be processed directly over the phone or via email with credit card details.

The other information we require is your name (for the personalised adoption card), the name of the devil/quoll you want to adopt, a postal address (to send out the adoption card), an email address and a contact number.

Hope this information helps, if you have any more queries please feel free to contact us.

Devils at Cradle

Devils at Cradle - Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain Tasmania (photo supplied)

Facebook Friends Choose Lucky and Molly

It was then extremely difficult to decide which devils to adopt. We ran a Facebook competition and asked our friends to choose which devils they wanted us to adopt. We posted all the photos and waited. Our Facebook page then went crazy with interest. It was soon obvious that two devils were clear favourites: Lucky and Molly.

Devils at Cradle - Lucky

Lucky: Devils at Cradle (photo supplied)

Devils at Cradle - Molly

Molly: Tasmanian Devil (photo supplied)

We were so excited to let Devils at Cradle know and we sent off the money and held our breath while we waited for our adoption cards.

Cradle Mountain Visit

Finally it was time to visit Cradle Mountain. We were able to visit our sponsor devils at Devils at Cradle. It was so exciting to see the devils and how they are cared for. We were very pleased to see that the devils were kept in large enclosures with space to run, play and sleep. The enclosures were very clean and the devils obviously very healthy.

Devils at Cradle - Enclosures

Tasmanian Devil: Cradle Mountain (photo supplied)

We asked the wildlife keeper if she could point us in the direction of our sponsor devils, Lucky and Molly.

Lucky was with his brother Ralfie and they were having a wonderful time running around and teasing another devil called Bran. Bran was obviously the boss and didn’t mind letting the others know. It was great watching the devils play and interact.

We then went in search of Molly, only to find she had burrowed herself deep under a log. But here is her enclosure anyway. I wonder if she came out at feeding time?

Devils at Cradle - Molly's Enclosure

Tassie the Tasmanian Softie (photo supplied)

We had a great time at Devils at Cradle. We could see our donation was obviously making a difference. We were supporting a worthwhile cause in the preservation of our Tasmanian Devils as well as the ongoing needed devil breeding program and the research and monitoring, rehabilitation and release programs.

All About Devils at Cradle

Of course to see this program continue in the future, Devils at Cradle need our continuous support and donations, along with the help of the government’s Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

To support and sponsor your own Tasmanian Devil please contact Devils at Cradle, Tasmanian devil sanctuary. They’re located at 3950 Cradle Mt Road, Cradle Mountain in north west Tasmania.

  • postal address: PO Box 6, Sheffield Tasmania 7306
  • phone: (03) 6492 1491
  • email: info@devilsatcradle.com
  • read about the Devil Facial Tumour Disease online.

Tasmanian Softies and Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal are both registered members of Think Tasmania. Photos and information supplied.

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