Today we present for your viewing pleasure, photos by Dan Fellow of Devils Gullet Lookout. The feature of the Great Western Tiers region is located about 35 minutes drive west of Mole Creek. Visitors will need to negotiate about 15kms of gravel road, so maybe check your car-hire lease before attempting this one.

Devils Gullet Lookout - Tasmania

Tasmanian wilderness: Devils Gullet Lookout (photo by Dan Fellow)

Look Out for Devils Gullet Lookout

Photos by Dan Fellow

Experts assure us the road’s quality is good, and the tourist attraction is well worth the trip. If you’re keen on capturing views of the stunning and wild Tasmanian landscape, add Devils Gullet Lookout to your Tassie holiday agenda.

We’ve published a comprehensive article by Carol Haberle about Devils Gullet Lookout, and there you will find all the details of how and why to visit. Dan’s photos confirm the suggestion that it’s a place of vast beauty and wilderness.

Devils Gullet Lookout - Scenery

Devils Gullet Lookout (photo by Dan Fellow)

Devils Gullet Lookout - Sheer Cliff

Devils Gullet Lookout (photo by Dan Fellow)

Devils Gullet Lookout - Mole Creek

Devils Gullet Lookout via Mole Creek (photo by Dan Fellow)

It’s a Sign. Danger Cliffs!

One thing we can’t explain is how and why someone would risk life and limb by balancing on the edge of the cliff. Maybe we’re just total killjoys… it’s been acknowledged openly in the past that the writer is extremely wary of heights.

An image snapped from the safety of the lookout must be nearly as good, yes? All in the name of art… maybe I’m just not very dedicated when it comes to photography! Whatever the reason, this little black duck will not be venturing past the barrier any time soon. How about you?

Devils Gullet Lookout - Danger Cliffs

Danger Cliffs (photo by Dan Fellow)

Devils Gullet Lookout - Daredevil Photography

Dedicated photographers (photo by Dan Fellow)

Devils Gullet Lookout - Don't Look Down

Don’t look down! (photo by Dan Fellow)

Devils Gullet Lookout - Heights

Crazy (photo by Dan Fellow)

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Devils Gullet Lookout - Great Western Tiers

Great Western Tiers, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Map: Devils Gullet Lookout, via Mole Creek…

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