We’re coming to the end of the current series of Best in Tassie Challenges. Today, we’d like to talk briefly about Devonshire Tea options in Tasmania.

Devonshire Tea - Scones, Jam and Cream

Best in Tassie Challenge: Devonshire Tea

Devonshire Tea: Yes Please

Back in April, we combined a 6:00pm (forum o’clock) question on Facebook with a Best in Tassie Challenge. It was inspired by readers Chris and Janet, who asked us to research and reveal who serves the best Devonshire Tea in Tasmania.

Susan commented first to say: best we’ve had was at Touchwood Cottages in Stanley. Was just lovely after the walk up, around and back down The Nut.

This proved to be quite insightful, because the photo we posted with the Facebook question, was taken during a trip to Stanley at the very place mentioned by Susan. Quite a keen observation by a dedicated and knowledgeable Tasmanian tourist.

Devonshire Tea - Stanley

Devonshire Tea: Stanley, and The Nut

The option to comment was open to everyone, and others keen to share their thoughts included…

Heather, who thought the Cherry Shed in Latrobe was the best “by far”.

Sarah nominated the Sorell Fruit Farm, and we can only imagine they’d have great fruit jams there!

Veronica suggested the Raspberry Farm Cafe scones were delicious.

Justin informed our readers he’d had a really nice Devonshire Tea at Ilk Cafe and Gallery, Rosevears.

Donald stated his favorite to be Cafe 22 in Devonport.

Janine suggested we all try the Patchwork Cafe in New Norfolk.

Lovely Ambiance: Enhancing the Food

Nicole from Hawthorn Villa Stables in Carrick hinted there would be a good Devonshire Tea available to visitors at their next open garden, scheduled for the second weekend in November. We’re excited about that, and not just for the scones! Last year’s Quilts in the Garden was a runaway success, and many of our readers were keen to hear more about plans for future events. Hopefully Innes and Nicole will keep us all in the loop there.

Devonshire Tea - Hawthorn Villa Stables

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

Our very own Anelda Lotter considers the Devonshire Tea provided by Villa Howden her personal favourite. She also mentioned Kate’s Berry Farm just outside Coles Bay, so maybe one day we can share some of Anelda’s fabulous photos from the east coast region of Tasmania. Some plump, juicy red strawberries would make a great feature subject. Talking about similar future article topics, we also have a date to visit Casaveen in Oatlands to experience their high tea; and we’ll be returning to the Richmond Park Boat House for a similar occasion too. Joy!

Devonshire Tea - Villa Howden

Villa Howden: Devonshire Tea (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Expert Opinions: Devonshire Tea in Tasmania

The good folks from Eucalypt Cafe in Port Arthur are regular contributors to our 6pm forum, and they share sometimes amusing but always great advice and information from first-hand knowledge. In a very impartial manner, they named the Possum Shed at Westerway as the best supplier of Devonshire Tea in Australia, which is high praise indeed. They went on to give substantial detail: “magnificent fluffy, yet firm, scones with homemade jams, ‘real’ cream and a selection of 20 teas to choose from. Not only that, the pot holds three cups!” Sounds like they are quite the Devonshire Tea aficionado, and the Possum Shed should be happy with that resounding endorsement from their cafe colleagues.

We know Chris and Janet are devotees of the Devonshire Tea in Tasmania, and they were kind enough to share some of their personal favourites with us. They said…

Thanks for your help, some more to add to our list. Here’s some of our favorites on our quest for the best Devonshire Tea…

We’re happy to have given Chris and Janet more ideas about additional places to try. What a great hobby they have! It makes us very hungry, all this talk about scones. We feel inspired to join the search ourselves and start visiting the venues mentioned. Maybe you’ve been inspired a little as well?

We did promise to share the suggestions with ALL our readers, not just those using social media. We’ve done that now, with this article published via the Think Tasmania website. If you have a favourite Devonshire Tea, you are welcome to add a comment below. Chris and Janet would surely welcome your thoughts, as would we.

Devonshire Tea - Tasmania

Devonshire Tea in Tasmania

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered.