Dinosaurs have arrived at Tasmania Zoo at Riverside (18kms from the CBD of Launceston) in the north of the state. January 6th saw the official launch of the new tours;  Dan Fellow, our favourite professional tourism photographer, was there to capture all the action. As usual, Dan lets his camera do most of the talking. He does predict the dinosaurs will be “a great attraction” though.

Dinosaurs - Tasmania Zoo

Dinosaurs: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmania Zoo: Jurassic Swamp Dinosaurs

Robert Warren is the operations manager at Tasmania Zoo. He and his father Dick are responsible for the new exhibit dubbed Jurassic Swamp, which took two months to set up. Forty dinosaurs were in place from the outset, with a few more to storm into the Tamar Valley region over time.

Dinosaurs - Tasmanian Wildlife Park

Fibreglass dinosaur: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dinosaurs - Guided Tours

Dinosaurs: Tasmania Zoo (photos by Dan Fellow)

Dinosaurs - Flying

Dinosaurs: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Guided Tours

The only way the dinosaurs can be viewed by the general public is via guided tours. The zoo has made a substantial investment to add the fibreglass creatures to their wildlife park. But there’s no additional charge to see the dinosaurs in their new Tasmanian bush home. The tours are included in the park’s entry price and operate daily at 11am and 2pm.

Dinosaurs - Scary Exhibit

Dinosaurs: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dinosaurs - Zoo in Tasmania

Dinosaurs: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dinosaurs - Wildlife Park

Native Tasmanian bush (photo by Dan Fellow)

So if you like the idea of coming face to face with huge, scary dinosaurs in what used to be a tranquil bush setting… Tasmania Zoo might be just right for you. The tourists from Western Australia (photographed by Dan with the dinosaurs) seem pretty impressed with the brand new attraction.

Dinosaurs - In Tasmania

Dinosaurs in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dinosaurs - Riverside

Tourists: Tasmania Zoo (photo by Dan Fellow)

Not Just Dinosaurs

Of course, there’s other reasons to visit. Tasmania Zoo is spread over 900 acres and boasts a large collection of native and exotic animalsBirds, Tasmanian Devils, penguins, crocodiles, wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, quolls, reptiles and monkeys all make the list.

For more information about feeding times for the Tasmanian Devils or details of the dinosaurs at Tasmania Zoo phone (03) 6396 6100.

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