We love dogs! That would not be news to anyone who’s been been reading articles from our website or following our social media channels on a regular basis. That’s one reason we’re so pleased to introduce The Essential Doggy Guide. It’s a must-have “for all dogs travelling Tasmania’s Heritage Highway Region with their humans”.

Doggy Guide - Essential

The Essential Doggy Guide: Heritage Highway Tasmania

The Essential Doggy Guide

I have a copy of The Essential Doggy Guide here on my desk to study at length and review for the benefit of Think Tasmania readers. But I couldn’t wait to share the details with you right now. What was meant to be a simple, introductory article though, is taking forever to put together! I keep flicking through the book and browsing different sections… I’m finding it hard to resist.

Dog-lovers will appreciate the photos, humour and sense of fun infused through the book. “Pawthors” Cassie and Bella are credited with penning the Doggy Guide (it’s written from the viewpoint of the adorable mutts). Not surprisingly, the canine authors needed some assistance with a project of this magnitude, so Cassie and Bella enlisted the help of their human companions. Those humans are otherwise known as Lorraine Green and Fiona Dewar, both stalwarts of Tasmania’s tourism sector.

Doggy Guide - Fiona Dewar

Bella with her “human” Fiona Dewar (photo supplied)

Most proceeds from the sale of The Essential Doggy Guide will go to the Heritage Highway Tourism Region Association. Funds will assist promotion of the central Tasmanian destination to both two and four-legged visitors. Purchase a copy of the guide from the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania and that’s where the money will stay. The 92-page, quality paperback guide has been printed in full colour and is a handy 23cm x 15cm… perfectly sized to suit a car’s glove compartment. The RRP is $19.95 and postage to anywhere in Australia will set you back $2.70 for one or two copies.

Doggy Guide - Tasmanian Books

The Essential Doggy Guide photo supplied)

Pet-friendly Holidays in Tasmania

Think Tasmania receives an extraordinary amount of questions and feedback regarding pet-friendly holidays in Tassie. So we genuinely regard The Essential Doggy Guide as… well, essential. If you are planning a touring holiday to encompass the Heritage Highway region of Tasmania, don’t leave home without it. And if you aren’t currently planning to visit the Heritage Highway, this book may well convince you it’s a good idea, once you’ve learned of the many local attractions for dog-loving travellers.

Doggy Guide - Travel with Dogs

The Essential Doggy Guide: Tasmania (photo supplied)

Helpful information about touring with dogs is included in the guide and will be of great value to animal-lovers everywhere, not just those visiting the Heritage Highway region. The “hints” chapter advises using a car harness, special crate or cargo barrier for safety. You’ll also read suggestions about identification options in the event your dog gets separated from the pack.

Heaven forbid you’d require the services of a veterinary clinic on your holiday, but if you do… there’s advice about animal illness and injury. There’s also instructions for finding lost dogs, having dirty bedding cleaned and caring for Tasmanian wildlife. It’s all there!

Doggy Guide - Heritage Highway

Doggy Guide: Heritage Highway, Tasmania (photo supplied)

The Cassie Bella Pawthor Club

Of course, this venture was endorsed by the Heritage Highway Tourism Region Association, so you’d expect a dedicated chapter promoting each town. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in The Essential Doggy Guide. From Evandale in the north, to Pontville in the south, towns are listed with recommendations of things to do to enhance your experience of Tasmania.

Doggy Guide - Tourism Book

Cassie and Bella wait for Lorraine and Fiona (photo supplied)

Doggy Guide - Longford

Cassie and Bella with Hay Dog: Longford (photo supplied)

Doggy Guide - The Cassie Bella Pawthors Club

Meeting: Cassie Bella Pawthors Club (photo supplied)

Everyone will find the information about the Heritage Highway in this guide useful, even those travelling without the company of dogs. It’s easy to read, funny and visually pleasant, making it perfect present material. You’ll find an order form for The Essential Doggy Guide online. You can also purchase a copy at several locations around Tasmania as listed on The Cassie Bella Pawthor Club website.

For more information about The Essential Doggy Guide visit the official website or phone (03) 6397 7303 – ask to speak with Fiona or Lorraine. You can also follow Bella on Facebook, believe it or not! She is very photogenic and has been captured beautifully with the camera, and we thank Fiona Dewar for supplying photos for this article.

The Cassie Bella Pawthor Club is a registered member of Think Tasmania.

1 April 2014 – Think Tasmania readers now have the chance to win their very own copy of The Essential Doggy Guide. We wish you all the best of luck… please tell your friends, too?

Map: Heritage Highway, Tasmania

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