We wrote about the 2011 Hobart Doll Show in August last year. It’s hard to believe that 12 months has past already since that time… but it has. So the doll show is all but upon us again. Susan Lyden has asked that we give you a little reminder about what the club offers. Given that they’re such great supporters of charity and provide a terrific community service, we readily agreed.

Doll Show - Hobart

Hobart Doll Show: Tasmania (poster supplied)

Hobart Doll Show: 25-26 August 2012

  • The Hobart Doll Show covers topics such as arts, paints, fabrics, sewing techniques and many other mediums
  • There will be a large variety of trade stalls so that customers can start or finish their Christmas shopping
  • A very nice canteen will be operating, so if you’re looking for¬†things to do with some friends on the weekend, visit the doll show

All the raffle proceeds from the Doll Show go to Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania. The Hobart Doll Club have been supporting them for over 20yrs to buy special equipment and support services (nursing staff) for families in Tasmania living with Cystic Fibrosis. CF does not receive any federal or state government funding, and Tasmania has one of the highest incidence of CF in the world.

Visit the website of the Hobart Doll Club for more information about the Doll Show or follow the Hobart Doll Club on Facebook.

Map: Hobart Doll Show, Tasmania…

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