What do you know about Dolphin Sands? We’ve been there once. We walked Nine Mile Beach and Bagot Point Coastal Reserve. We visited Melshell Oysters, a cute little caravan to buy tasty Tasmanian morsels from Great Oyster Bay.

$100m Resort: Dolphin Sands, Tasmania

We thought Dolphin Sands would be a beautiful place to own a beach shack, and visit for holidays. Have you heard about the $100m resort plans for the area? Like most development, it could potentially be good for Tasmania. No doubt local residents are wary, if not upset by the prospect. We will watch with great interest.

Dolphin Sands - Nine Mile Beach

Nine Mile Beach: Dolphin Sands, Tasmania

Dolphin Sands occupies a peninsula between Swansea and Coles Bay on the east coast of Tasmania. There are wonderful views to The Hazards from Nine Mile Beach. Let us know your thoughts about the proposed resort development in the reply section below.

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Map, Dolphin Sands via Swansea Tasmania

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