Doozie! Don’t ask me why she’s called that, because I don’t know. You’d have to ask Harriet and Angela… they’re responsible for these adorable creatures. They are on a mission to sell their Tassie Devils, and along the way help raise much-needed funds for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Doozie - Sorell Antiques

Doozie: antique shops in Sorell, Tasmania

Why Would You Buy a Doozie?

Three things happen when you buy a Tassie or a Doozie (or one of the other cousins in the collection).

  • 10% of the proceeds go to the fund-raising campaign, and you get to feel good about your contribution;
  • of course you get an adorable addition to your collection of soft toys; and
  • you can take a picture of your Tasmanian devil and post on the Tasmanian Softies Facebook page (promoting your special region or place)
Doozie - Oatlands Handmade

Oatlands Handmade (photo supplied)

Shopping in Tasmania? Let Doozie Help!

Our Doozie has recently been on a Tasmanian shopping expedition, and I must say: she really does know how to pick all the good-quality gear. She found some beautiful jewellery in Sorell; a set of cake tins in Richmond (perfect for all the Christmas baking I’m going to do); and then in Oatlands, she found some silk tulips that we simply could not live without!

Doozie - Richmond Tasmania

Richmond Tasmania: Doozie

Now THAT is a doozie of a deal, yeah? Strap your new friend into the car for some fun around Tasmania.

Doozie - Gunns Plains, Tassie

Tassie (photos by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)