Our visit to Cockle Creek was awesome, but the trip did leave us feeling a little bit annoyed. Our drive included a very hasty stop-over in the small Tasmanian town of Dover, with “hasty” being the cause for concern. Not enough time to dally; enough time to know we should.

Dover - Scenery

Dover: water, boats, mountains, snow

Pretty Little Thing Called Dover

There’s no doubting Dover has some spectacular scenery. Visitors to this part of far-south Tasmania can access Hartz Mountains National Park and beyond to the World Heritage-listed southwest wilderness area. The region’s attractions may hint of “remoteness”, but in reality the town is only 80kms from Hobart.

Besides the surrounding countryside, we’re also keen to investigate the actual township itself. It’s a bit frustrating really; we know there would be interesting people to chat with and unique places to visit, but we don’t yet know the exact details to share with Think Tasmania readers.

Dover - Anchor

Throw out the anchor: Dover

One thing we did see with our very own eyes during our quick drive along the Esplanade… the very inviting waters of Port Esperance Bay. Can you imagine the seafood coming from those waters? We can! When we were house-sitting at Geeveston all those years ago, we watched local fishermen returning from sea with their catch. We also chatted with abalone divers somewhere, but that may have been at Southport, a little further south from Dover.

Dover - Crystal Clear Water

Crystal clear waters: Port Esperance Bay

Dover - Fishing Boats

Imagine the fresh seafood

One, Two, Three… Hundred Seagulls!

There’s another thing we noticed in Dover – the seagulls on the jetty. That might be a weird thing to notice, but they covered almost every inch of available space. We were intrigued enough to take several photos, and we weren’t the only ones. Several other tourists stopped to observe the otherwise-ordinary seagulls.

Dover - Jetty

Dover jetty: tourist information board

Dover - Tasmania

Dover: far south Tasmania

We always come home from a research mission with way, way too many photos. Often we have two batches looking amazingly similar. Gavin snaps away with his mobile phone, and I usually wield the camera. It’s amazing how many times we are drawn to the same scene. We may not have the most creative or professional images, but at least we have every possible angle of the average holiday snap covered… twice!

We should perhaps have spent more time reading the information boards and less time gawping at seagulls. We missed Dover’s main shopping strip completely, but there must be a good fish and chip shop in town. Business owners have fresh seafood on-tap; and the seagulls wouldn’t hang around without the occasional feed of hot chips, would they?

Dover - Seagulls

Seagulls: Dover jetty

Dover - Seagulls in Tasmania

Have you ever seen so many seagulls?

When We’re On The Road Again

Once Gavin has recovered from his mishap and we both have a pair of working legs (at the same time!) there’ll be no holding us back. We’ll have a lot of catching up to do for Think Tasmania, but that’s all good. We have at least been making progress in exciting new areas of the business. And Dover is just one of the many places we have earmarked to visit. Again.

Dover - Photography

Gavin, taking photos in Dover

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