We like Driftwood Restaurant in Lauderdale for several reasons. Staff there always seem happy to welcome customers, even between lunch and dinner service. The deck overlooking Ralphs Bay Canal is dog-friendly. And the food is consistently top-quality while the menu is ever-changing dependent on produce.

Driftwood Restaurant - Lauderdale Tasmania

Ralphs Bay Canal, Lauderdale: Driftwood Restaurant

Dog-Friendly Driftwood Restaurant

We walked Coco at Arm End Recreational Reserve recently. It’s a beautiful, on-lead dog track with magnificent views. We’ll tell you more about Arm End another time. We craved coffee on the way home, and thought we deserved a little treat following a solid session striding up and down hills.

Driftwood Restaurant - Arm End Reserve

Arm End Recreational Reserve

Where could we go that was dog-friendly between O’Possum Bay and Bellerive? Driftwood Restaurant… yes!

Driftwood Restaurant - Lauderdale

Funky restaurant, Lauderdale Tasmania: Driftwood

Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Cheesecake

On this occasion, we ordered hot coffee because it was cold on the deck at five in the afternoon. Wine would’ve worked equally well, but we needed to defrost our hands. With the coffee, came a cheese platter (with AMAZING handmade crackers) and a chocolate cheesecake. Coco earned herself a lot of attention, which she did not mind at all.

Driftwood Restaurant - Cheese Platter

Cheese platter with amazing crackers

Driftwood Restaurant - Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake with berry coulis

Driftwood Restaurant is located at 13 North Terrace on Ralphs Bay Canal (Lauderdale) en-route to O’Possum Bay. Phone (03) 6248 1162 for details or follow Driftwood Restaurant on Facebook.

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