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Drunken Admiral - Hobart Tasmania

Drunken Admiral: Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Seafood Restaurant: Drunken Admiral

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Drunken Admiral - Fish and Chips

Fish and chips

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Drunken Admiral - Seafarers Restaurant

Seafarer theme: Drunken Admiral

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Drunken Admiral - Calamari

Tender calamari and salad

So while you wait patiently (thank you!) for us to get our act back together, please enjoy these photos, taken during a night at the Drunken Admiral seafood restaurant in Hobart. They’re much more interesting than photos of team Think Tasmania pulling their hair out.

Drunken Admiral - Seafood Restaurant

Wine and seafood: Tasmania

We love the Drunken Admiral. It’s one of our go-to places for a celebratory dinner, and we’ve had good reason to return just lately. We’ll let you know the exciting news as soon as we can.

Drunken Admiral - Seafood Restaurant, Hobart Tasmania

Drunken Admiral: Hobart Tasmania

We’ve mentioned one of our favourite dishes on Facebook before, the seafood chowder. That post got lots of traction, with readers united in their mutual love for the Drunken Admiral version of a popular Tasmanian staple. We do eat a range of delicious seafood from the extensive menu (as you can see from today’s photos) but someone always has a bowl of chowder and everyone at the table gets a taste.

Drunken Admiral - Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder: Drunken Admiral

The Drunken Admiral seafood restaurant is located at 17/19 Hunter Street on Hobart’s waterfront near AWU Delicious Food. Phone (03) 6234 1903 for details or follow Drunken Admiral on Facebook.

Drunken Admiral - Hunter Street, Hobart

Hunter Street: Hobart waterfront

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Map: Drunken Admiral, Hobart Tasmania

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