I had the absolute pleasure of dining at the Drysdale Campus of TasTAFE yesterday. I really enjoyed the experience. And I’m sure Think Tasmania readers will too, when they venture along for their own sample of the fine food on offer.

Drysdale - Lamb & Vegetables

Lamb and vegetables: Drysdale Restaurant

Drysdale Restaurant, Hobart

Those studying tourism and hospitality in Tasmania attend Drysdale, and diners can see third-year students in action at the restaurant, honing their craft. I’m led to believe Launceston and Devonport also have similar venues, but on this occasion, I dined in Hobart for lunch.

Should you wish to partake in a similar Drysdale dining experience, head to 59 Collins Street in the heart of Hobart’s CBD, adjacent to the bus mall in Elizabeth Street.

Drysdale - Metro Tasmania Bus Mall

Bus Mall near Drysdale Campus, Hobart

Lunch is available from 12:00 -2:00pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (excluding school holidays). Like all fine restaurants, it’s best to book in advance and you can do so by phoning 1300 655 307.

Drysdale - Caramelised Onion Tart

Drysdale Restaurant: hazelnut tart 

Fine Food, Good Value, Great Service

The food at the Drysdale restaurant was top class, and exceptionally good value. 5-6 choices of both entree and main were priced at $8:00 and $15:00 respectively, with two desserts offered at $8:00 each. Apparently the menu changes frequently; more often than quarterly, but not more than fortnightly.

Drysdale - Duck with Orange

Duck with orange sauce (photo by Sally Legosz)

While the food was delicious, and the restaurant had a lovely ambiance, the highlight for me was the service. Brody, our delightful waiter was happy to engage in conversation without missing a beat on the all-essential restaurant-quality efficiency.

Brody was excited to have been offered employment at the upcoming weekend’s Restaurant Australia tourism event at MONA. Some of his culinary and celebrity icons will be attending and he was honoured to be selected as part of the team. He had taken the training seriously, and was equally serious about the sworn-secrecy of menu details.

Drysdale - Pea Soup

Green pea soup (photo by Sally Legosz)

As part of his TasTAFE course, Brody had done a work placement at the Wrest Point revolving restaurant. His enthusiasm about potential employment possibilities and his future career in the hospitality industry was obvious. As I wrote on my obligatory feedback questionnaire… any employer would be lucky to have Brody!

Thanks to Sally from Herbaceous Tours for facilitating this lunch at the Drysdale Restaurant. When it comes to produce, eating and drinking in Tasmania, she knows all the best places!

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