Recently we wrote about our visit to Vines and Designs at the Copping Museum, when we took a leisurely drive to inspect some of the Tasman Peninsula highlights. We had interstate VIP guests and we wanted to show off some of the spectacular scenery south of Hobart. That same day, we stopped at the Dunalley Hotel to eat.

Dunalley Hotel - Welcome

Dunalley Hotel welcomes locals and visitors

Dunalley Hotel: Tasman Peninsula Meal Break

Roger Findlay has also been to Dunalley recently, during his Tassielink bus tour. Given his penchant for Tasmanian pubs (well, pubs located anywhere, actually!) we thought we’d share his opinions of the Dunalley Pub. Consider it an expert’s quote:

It’s an impressive pub and the restaurant has an extensive menu. It has a bottle shop and some good local wines. The Bream Creek wines are a good price and were my choice when I went. I would say the pub is of great importance to the town and probably gets a good crowd at the weekend. Nice gardens.

Dunalley Hotel - Bottle Shop

Dunalley Hotel (photo by Roger Findlay)

Roger holds the Dunalley Fish Market in very high regard. When we shared a photo taken from the carpark of the Dunalley Hotel looking towards the fish market building, Kathy (one of our Facebook followers) referred to both the fish market and then the hotel in her comment:

Yes, everything is fresh, well cooked and served simply. I can’t go past their squid. Incidentally the jet-ski and mannequin are on the Dunalley Hotel property, which also does good meals at good prices.

Dunalley Hotel - Dunalley Fish Market

From Dunalley Hotel to Dunalley Fish Market

Nothing Fancy, Just Honest Pub Grub

Our own experience of lunch at the Dunalley Hotel was a positive one. The meals were very generous in size, and there was a great range of standard pub fare to choose from. The chicken parmi was a good one… there’s another subject for our “Best in Tassie” series! Around the table, we chose a variety of meals; and everyone was totally satisfied. If I was asked to give any advice to prospective diners, I would suggest to choose vegetables over the chips and salad bar option.

Dunalley Hotel - Chicken Parmigiana

Dunalley Hotel: Chicken Parmigiana

The seafood mornay tasted like real Tasmanian seafood, rather than a frozen pre-mix from the supermarket. Bruce sells a range of fresh, locally caught seafood just down the road at the popular Dunalley Fish Market, so you would think the options would be plentiful in that department.

Dunalley Hotel - Seafood Mornay

Seafood mornay with chips

Friendly Place for Bite to Eat and a Quiet Drink

The staff at the Dunalley Hotel were attentive, friendly and efficient. Everything you’d expect from a well-known and well-respected pub in a small country town. Make sure you check out the fishermen catching a whale, and the jet skier with a cold beer emerging from the dam. Someone has a great sense of humour!

Dunalley Hotel - Friendly Locals

Dunalley sense of humour (photo by Roger Findlay)

Many people en route to Port Arthur from Hobart would pass through Dunalley in a rush. A day trip really doesn’t allow enough time to stop and enjoy a meal… or visit other attractions on the Tasman Peninsula including the Tessellated Pavement, the Dog Line at Eaglehawk Neck and the Coal Mines.

The Tasman Peninsula has so much to offer, and both tourists and locals alike would be well advised to explore the many things to do in the region. Of course, if you only have one day to visit and the Port Arthur Convict Settlement is high on your priority list (as it should be) maybe you could plan to stop for a meal at the Dunalley Hotel on the way home.

The Dunalley Hotel can be found at 210 Arthur Highway. Phone ahead for bookings on (03) 6253 5101. You can also follow Dunalley Hotel on Facebook.

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