As regular readers may know, we recently spent some time at Eagles Nest Retreat. That place is… a dream! We’re still trying to find the right words to describe it. But while we are in the process of drafting our major article, we thought we’d just mention the other places we managed to visit in Sheffield. We had such a fabulously awesome time, we plan to publish a series of articles as a result of the trip.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Mount Roland

Mount Roland: Eagles Nest Retreat

Eagles Nest Retreat: What a Trip

Our first stop was at the Redwater Creek Railway Station in Sheffield. The chairman of the Tasmanian Association of Tourist Railways (Chris Martin) read the article Carol Haberle wrote about Ida Bay Railway in the south of the state. Suitably impressed, he invited Think Tasmania to visit when we had a chance. So we did.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Redwater Creek Railway

Redwater Creek Railway, Sheffield

We also took time to wander around Sheffield, admiring the murals and all the shops. We took photos from the roads leading to very pretty rural scenery in every direction. We bought lollies from Cradle Mountain Candy Company for the kids, and wine from the pub for us. And then we weren’t able to contain our excitement any longer, and we drove the few kms from town to Eagles Nest Retreat.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Cradle Mountain Candy Company

Sheffield, Tasmania: lolly shop

Dream Chef, Dream Everything

Effervescent employee Shelley met us and gave us a guided tour of the house (read mansion!) and explained how to work the spa baths. Yes, plural… three of them! Des Brown, owner of Eagles Nest Retreat, booked a “dream chef” to prepare our evening meal. Cynthia Osborne came and cooked a beautiful, three-course dinner for us, which was a sensational treat. Cynthia has a day job at Yvette’s in Sheffield, so we even went there for lunch another day. That’s how impressed we were by the food.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Yvette's Sheffield

Yvette’s for lunch in Sheffield

Des came to meet us during our stay. We fed the ducks, and the fish, and took even more photos. We talked about his Love in Tasmania campaign and he shared information about International Mural Fest with us. Des is a very passionate local, with lots of creative ideas about promoting Tasmania, and the Mount Roland region of Tasmania.

Sheffield Shops and Cafes

We did have to wave goodbye to Eagles Nest Retreat eventually, with great reluctance. You’ll understand why we say this when we publish our review. But back in Sheffield, we were able to meet more fabulous locals. We had a lovely chat with Jo and Jan from the World of Marbles. These ladies own a very unique shop, and have plans for further remodelling. They assured me that “marble” is the correct term for the glass artwork they produce, even though some pieces are very intricate.

Eagles Nest Retreat - World of Marbles

World of Marbles, Sheffield

Across the road, we ventured into a new Sheffield business; a combination of Gallery Tasmania and Fudge’n’Good Coffee. Chris and Rini Puccetti have been avid followers of Think Tasmania, and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit them in person. We’re very excited at the prospect of sharing details about their business… and of course, their amazingly good fudge.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Fudge'n'Good Coffee

Rocky Roland fudge: Gallery Tasmania, Sheffield

Still More: Discover Sheffield

As I said, we ate lunch at Yvette’s, hoping to catch up with our dream chef. Cynthia actually had the day off, but our lunch was still fabulous and the other staff were equally friendly and capable. I would have liked to stay and explore Sheffield a little more. I was very keen to discover what Slaters Country Store might offer.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Slaters Country Store

Slaters Country Store

There were plenty of other shops and cafes along the main street too, all worthy of attention. And we’d been given heaps of suggestions via Facebook about places to see in Sheffield. Unfortunately, by this time, one of the crash test dummies was as pale as a ghost, and we had to head for home. Of course, you know what that means, don’t you? We’ll just have to return again another time.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Sheffield

Main street: Sheffield

Hobart via Railton

Driving back to Hobart, we stopped briefly in Railton, which is only about 12kms from Sheffield. We noticed that Looking Glass Cottage & Fibre Optic Magic was open, and being the dreadful mother I am, I begged the sickie to let me take a quick look. What a place that is!  Magic is the right word, and the owner let me take some photos to share with you.

Eagles Nest Retreat - Looking Glass Cottage & Fibre Optic Magic, Railton

Looking Glass Cottage & Fibre Optic Magic: Railton

So, there you have it. A brief outline of the series of Tasmanian articles you can expect from us in the future. Not a bad effort for a single visit. Of course, the travel is the fun part… now we have to actually do the work.

26 November ~ Great news everyone. You now have a chance to win prizes from three of the businesses we featured here…

Eagles Nest Retreat is a luxury accommodation property in West Kentish, near Sheffield. You can follow Eagles Nest Retreat on Facebook or call Des Brown on (03) 6491 1511 for more details.

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