Thanks for waiting so patiently for our review of Eagles Nest Retreat. I’m actually a little nervous about publishing this one. How can I possibly do justice to a place like that? With magnificent views, the most outstanding accommodation and all the extras you’d ever want… this is one place you won’t ever want to leave, for sure!  And the first thing we’d advise when making a booking with Des Brown is this: make sure you allow several days to fully appreciate the property and the Sheffield region.

Eagles Nest - Mount Roland

Mount Roland: Eagles Nest II

Eagles Nest II: Million Dollar Experience

There’s no doubting Eagles Nest Retreat II has the WOW factor in capital letters. It’s big enough to accommodate a family or group, but I imagine it would still make the perfect honeymoon haven. There’s no other properties in sight; just vast expanses of rolling hillsides, a few cows and the impressive Mount Roland looming large on your doorstep. You can’t help but relax amid such peaceful and gorgeous surroundings.

Eagles Nest - Retreat II

Eagles Nest II: divine kitchen

The house with the million-dollar view is perfectly equipped to accommodate your every whim, even if you’re the most demanding guest on record. The kitchen, for example, could be straight from the pages of a glossy magazine. Des Brown is quick to credit a bloke (his son-in-law) for the design of the stunning red and grey room, which is functional as well as beautiful. We were blessed to have one of the Dream Chefs from the Eagles Nest team come to the house and prepare our dinner. That’s another experience I’d strongly recommend, even if it’s a once in a lifetime splurge.

Eagles Nest - Dream Chef

Magical dinner experience: Eagles Nest II

Dairy Farm to Luxury Lifestyle

We had the fire blazing in the lounge room, but it was more for ambiance than heating. The polished concrete floors radiate heat and offer a cosy environment throughout. You could spend hours just gazing at Mount Roland, and to be honest, we probably did. A sprinkle of rain on the lake out front didn’t bother the resident ducks (or fish) in the least. And as day was about to become dusk, we were presented with our very own rainbow stretched over the sky. Pure bliss!

Eagles Nest - Spectacular Views

Million-dollar Mount Roland view

Des Brown was a dairy farmer for 42 years. I wondered aloud if he should have perhaps turned his hand to tourism sooner. You really can’t believe the aspect of Eagles Nest Retreat (which was once home to the Brown’s herd of dairy cows) until you see it for yourself; but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location for an accommodation business anywhere in the world. However, Des declared he was extremely happy that his long-planned luxury accommodation dream was eventually realised, and he’s happy to share the venture with his family. According to the entrepreneur from Kentish in north west Tasmania, it was his life experience that gave him the vision in the first place.

Eagles Nest - Retreat Dream by Des Brown

Dreams come true: luxury Eagles Nest Retreat

Des Brown: Love in Tasmania

We all know by now that I love photos; both looking at them, and taking them. I’m never going to set the world on fire with my photography, but I still think a good holiday snap provides a great impression of a place. Eagles Nest Retreat II is such an awesome property, no-one could resist taking an album of photos, least of all me.

For even more photos (including some simply spectacular images taken by our great mate Dan Fellow) please visit the website for Eagles Nest Retreat. There you’ll find details about the Dream Chefs and other indulgent options including massage therapy, butler hire and wedding packages. And my final word? If you love a good spa, then you can’t go wrong with Eagles Nest II. There’s even one outside!

26 November ~ Great news everyone. You now have a chance to win your very own experience at this magnificent place…

Eagles Nest Retreat is a luxury accommodation property in West Kentish, near Sheffield. You can follow Eagles Nest Retreat on Facebook or call Des Brown on (03) 6491 1511 for more details. The writer’s family was hosted by Des Brown at Eagles Nest Retreat.

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Map: Eagles Nest Retreat, Sheffield Tasmania

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