Recently, we heard from one of our readers in Queensland, requesting a little assistance. Mrs Ormsby told us she had found a very old colour print of Entally Estate in her late mother’s possessions.

Entally Estate - Hadspen Tasmania

Entally Estate: Hadspen Tasmania

Entally Estate: Historical Print

Mrs Ruby D. M. Jackson had gathered many such items over the years, and the family were looking to distribute her collection to the most appropriate place.

Entally Estate - Tasmania

Entally Estate

The year and original creator of the Entally Estate print wasn’t specified, but it was clearly taken many years ago. Mrs Ormsby declared the 35cm x 30cm print was in good condition and she was prepared to post it to whoever wanted it.

Entally Estate - Print from Mrs Ormsby

Arriving at Entally Estate on a mission

Think Tasmania contacted the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife site manager at Entally Estate, who indicated the print would be welcomed into their own collection. Due to a slight delay in correspondence, Mrs Ormsby had already mailed the print to our address… so we were on a mission to deliver it.

Carrick to Entally Estate in Hadspen

Fortunately, this transpired just before our trip to Festivale in February. We were staying at Hawthorn Villa Stables, which is just up the road from Entally Estate in the township of Carrick, so the opportunity arose to carry out our mission. Which we did.

Entally Estate- Hawthorn Villa Stables

Hawthorn Villa Stables: Carrick

The print belonging to Mrs Ruby D. M. Jackson is now safely in the hands of suitable custodians at Entally Estate. We passed the print over to Marion, a lovely volunteer who we met on the day of our visit.

Mission Accomplished for Mrs Ormsby

We’ve since updated Mrs Ormsby, who is very happy to know her Mum’s print will be enjoyed by others. She even sent Think Tasmania the most gorgeous flowers via e-card to say thanks a bunch for our efforts. Lovely all round.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler wrote a terrific article about Entally Estate forĀ Think Tasmania back in 2011. There’s some great photos of the grounds and old buildings. It may inspire you to visit yourself… and if so, please look out for the print donated by Mrs Ormsby.

Map: Entally Estate, Hadspen Tasmania…

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