We’re often asked by Tasmanian tourists where they should eat breakfast when arriving via the Spirit of Tasmania. Unless you’re planning on spending the day in Devonport, the home of the Bass Strait ferry, there’s usually time to get your journey underway before thinking about your first coffee break. For passengers heading to Hobart (or even Launceston for that matter), the ETC Bakery is an excellent option.

ETC Bakery - Cafe, Elizabeth Town

ETC Bakery Cafe (photo by Dan Fellow)

ETC Bakery: Tasmanian Journey

The ETC Bakery is in Elizabeth Town, about 40kms (or 30 minutes by car) from Devonport en route to Hobart via the Bass Highway. The cafe is about the only thing you can see of Elizabeth Town from the main road, although there’s a few houses dotted around nearby; and the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm is 4kms further south. But you needn’t worry that you’ll be deafened by traffic noise. Once inside the building, you’ll be gazing at the rural countryside that epitomises a touring holiday in Tasmania.

ETC Bakery - Tasmanian Rural Scenery

Bass Highway: ETC Bakery, Tasmania

Despite being a very popular stop-over, the staff at ETC Bakery have mastered the art of fast service. All customers order at the counter and those choosing the dine-in option are given a beeper. Once you’ve selected your table and settled in, you’re summoned back to the counter to collect your meals. We couldn’t believe how quick the turnaround was, even during a busy lunch service.

ETC Bakery - Table Service

Speedy service: ETC Bakery Cafe, Elizabeth Town

Quick, Bring Us A Coffee!

Quick, however doesn’t have to mean fast food. The range of meals was extensive, and seemed to cater for all tastes without breaking the bank. As I mentioned, our first visit was for lunch. Between us, we ordered a burger with chips; lasagne and salad, and a toasted chicken foccacia.

And of course, we can’t go past a bakery in Tasmania without sampling the obligatory pie, and we’re happy to say that also passed the taste test. On repeat visits, one of the juniors has ordered the same meal every time!

ETC Bakery - Chicken Burger and Chips

Staple diet: Think Tasmania taste test

ETC Bakery - Lasagne and Salad

Lasagne and salad: ETC Bakery Cafe

ETC Bakery - Chicken Focaccia

ETC Bakery Chicken Focaccia

For coffee connoisseurs, you’ll be interested to know that our self-appointed caffeine delegate gives the ETC Bakery his stamp of approval. He’s very fussy in that department too, we might add.

ETC Bakery - Coffee

Coffee: ETC Bakery, Elizabeth Town Tasmania

Food, Coffee, Service, Location: Etc

If you want more than decent food and coffee; good service and a convenient location you might also appreciate some of the photos on the walls, with information about such local things as the Tasmanian Tiger, for example. And in the lower carpark, there’s some sort of old building that was possibly built from convict bricks… maybe? Or it could just be an old building!

Convict buildings notwithstanding, we give the ETC Bakery a good rating to anyone who asks. Obviously, we’re not catching the Spirit of Tasmania every time we go there, but we do call in when we’re travelling to the north west coast from Hobart. There’s also meeting rooms upstairs and you can arrange large orders for catering.

For more information visit the ETC Bakery website or phone (03) 6368 1350. You can also follow ETC Bakery on Facebook. They are located at 5783 Bass Highway in Elizabeth Town.

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