I read somewhere that Think Tasmania writer, bus driver, tour guide, farmer and housewife, Michelle Kneipp Pegler, supplies young pigs to a farmer on Bruny Island. If you choose to eat at Ethos Eat Drink you could be eating a product of Leven River Farm in north west Tasmania.

Ethos Eat Drink - Courtyard

Hobart: Ethos Eat Drink (photo by Roger Findlay)

Ethos Eat Drink: Discover a Tasmanian Treasure

by Roger Findlay

My whole life seems to be in episodes of “if I had only known at the time” and the experience of Ethos Eat Drink was just another episode. I was walking up Elizabeth Street in Hobart on my way to the Tassielink bus depot. It was the opposite side of the road to the CWA Gift Shop. Almost tripping over a small blackboard and wheelbarrow I was attracted to a cobbled courtyard with heavy timber furniture. What lay beyond was almost like discovering a chest of treasure.

Ethos Eat Drink - Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Entrance to Ethos Eat Drink (photo by Roger Findlay)

It was a Sunday just after lunchtime and I feared I would be too late for this novel dining experience. I had less than an hour before the bus departure and I let the waitress know when ordering.

I didn’t need a big meal but I did fancy a large glass of Tasmanian Pinot. Looking through the wine list, I was impressed by the high percentage of Tasmanian wines with the prices set at what you would expect to pay.

Ethos Eat Drink - Restaurant, Hobart

Ethos Eat Drink: Hobart (photo by Roger Findlay)

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in Hobart

Not knowing the history or origin of the pork chops, it was a toss-up between crumbed lamb brains with medlar, smoked ox tongue or black pudding. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know what I chose!

Ethos Eat Drink - Menu

Ethos Eat Drink: Hobart (photos by Roger Findlay)

At a table close to mine a family were sharing meals. One after another, tasty morsels were delivered from the kitchen and my guess is that the talented chefs at Ethos Eat Drink were making them up on request rather than to the agenda.

Ethos Eat Drink - Hobart Restaurant

Ethos Eat Drink: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

My plate arrived and exceeded all expectations. Slices of bread alongside a round of butter and a hillock of sea or river salt was neatly presented on a plate deliberately pottered with bits missing.

Ethos Eat Drink - Bread, Butter and Salt

Bread, butter and salt (photo by Roger Findlay)

There was the black pudding spread across the plate, out of its skin, topped with a boiled egg, radishes and crispy bacon. To die for this kind of food I would. How can the chef peel a soft boiled egg without imperfections? I squashed the egg and let the golden yolk run across the pud before dipping my bread like a navvy.

Ethos Eat Drink - Black Pudding

Black pudding (photo by Roger Findlay)

Fifteen dollars for this delicacy. If I’d had a bit more time and room in the tum I would have sampled a five dollar plate of brains but it could also have been a bit of Michelle’s pork on my fork.

Hobart Restaurant: Much To Appreciate

Just before I left, I had time to give Nikon a run. There’s so much to see at Ethos Eat Drink where surprises adorn the walls and ceilings.

Ethos Eat Drink - Novel Dining Experience

Ethos Eat Drink (photo by Roger Findlay)

I can’t help thinking what a great place it would be for a Christmas party with the work mates or a hen’s night where the girls really let go. With the food, there’s something for everyone and not just for the adventurous. The price is right, music’s great and the service spot on. Book your table now!

Ethos Eat Drink - Dining Room

Ethos Eat Drink: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

  • Ethos Eat Drink can be found at 100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
  • Opening hours vary depending on the season
  • The source of food is known with information available to the customer eg pork and lamb products are supplied by Earhardt Vinkmann of Bruny Island
  • Most of the building is original and dates back to around 1830
  • The courtyard was the stable for the Old Hobart Hotel and, after the hotel was demolished, the rebuilt facility was used as a Chemist and Druggist between 1830 and 2000
  • The new owners refurbished the building making only minor changes to one of Hobart’s oldest buildings.

Roger Findlay spends all his holidays in Tasmania, then writes about the experience for Think Tasmania. If you’d like Roger to visit you in the name of research (so we can publish information about your business), please contact us.

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