The Evandale Market: what’s unique about this batch of market stalls?  Well, you may have heard the phrase: everything but the kitchen sink?  The Evandale Market (near Launceston) can boast having everything including the sink!!

Evandale Market... Including the Sink!

Expect the unexpected at the Evandale Market!

The Evandale Market

Think Tasmania made a quick visit to the market during a trip to northern Tasmania to research the Penny Farthing Championships.  This small village is about 15kms from Launceston, and the local airport lies between the two towns.  We paid a gold coin for parking which included entrance to Falls Park on Logans Road, Evandale.

Market shopping takes various forms in Tasmania ranging from the gourmet, upmarket versions like Salamanca and “The Market” in Sandy Bay, Hobart.  And then there’s the eclectic mix of craft, bric-a-brac, food and unexpected treasure that is the Evandale market.

Evandale Market: Denim Handbag Stall

Loved the recycled-denim handbag stalls!

Market Stalls and Pony Rides

Stalls spread out over the country grounds, between trees and roughly in rows.  Children can indulge in pony rides while their parents enjoy browsing the photographs, hats and handbags; or just sipping a Sunday morning coffee.

Pony Rides at the Evandale Market

A little Evandale Market pony

Several semi-permanent stalls inside the old hall present colourful displays and interesting products.  You can find unique, Tasmanian wares like the dinnerware for pets sold by Studio Sebastian or select a Tasmanian holiday souvenir from the selection of local lavender gifts.

Studio Sebastian stall at the Evandale Market

Studio Sebastian sells dinnerware for your pets

Lavender Gifts from the Evandale Market

Pretty Tasmanian lavender stalls at the Evandale Market

Antiques, Collectibles & Other Stalls at the Evandale Market

You can imagine genuine collectors actually discovering a real gem here.  Not always possible in these days of mass production and shopping centres!

Evandale Market: Antiques and Books

Collectors & treasure hunters head to the Evandale Market

The Evandale Market happens each Sunday between 8am and 1pm.

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