Northern Tasmania regularly hosts an unusual national championship event. People travel from all over the world to the Evandale Village Fair and National Penny Farthing Championship.

National Penny Farthing Championship, Evandale Tasmania

National Penny Farthing Championship: Evandale Tasmania

Fun Times: Evandale Village Fair

Apparently, there are several entrants who come from interstate to Evandale each time, and even some international competitors. There was certainly a big crowd at the 2010 spectacle to enjoy the entertainment and the fabulous summer weather.

Parade clown: Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania

Clown: Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania

Penny Farthing Championship Races

The penny farthing championship races are just something you just don’t see everyday. It was fun! The races were exciting, captivating spectators held safely behind hay-bale barriers. The riders clearly take the title very seriously, as they leaned into the corners of the town circuit.

Penny farthing competitor: Evandale Tasmania

Penny Farthing races: Evandale Village Fair

Huw Morgan from New South Wales was the winner in 2010, consolidating his wins from the previous two years. The race schedule was a day of solid activity, with championship heats, novelty events and age-group races.

Postie Bike Race: Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania

Novelty event: Evandale Postie Race

Historic Evandale Village Fair

It wasn’t all sprinting though. The week-long penny farthing carnival included road races, one covering an agonising 161kms. Can you imagine spending all day in the saddle of an ancient bike? Huw Morgan obviously can, as he finished in first place in that event too, just to prove his versatility!

Bagpipes: Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania

Bagpipes entertain the crowd: Evandale Tasmania

Historically held during February in Evandale, the organisers had this show humming. The National Penny Farthing Championship combined with the Evandale Village Fair to provide even more interest for visitors.

Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania: Belly Dancers

Belly dancers and music to entertain: Evandale

Performers and stallholders took over the town oval. There were displays of vintage machinery and vehicles, and groups strolled the streets in period costume. One lady even performed tricks on a penny farthing bicycle… in a long skirt, no less!

Evandale: Penny Farthing Championship

Penny farthing tricks: Evandale Tasmania

Parade: Penny Farthing Era

Late in the afternoon, the show culminated in a grand parade. Utilising the race circuit around the village green, brass bands marched between vintage cars. The clowns and the fairies danced between penny farthing enthusiasts. Where else but Tasmania could you enjoy such a day out?

Evandale Village Fair: Grand Parade, Tasmania

Evandale: vintage cars in the Grand Parade

Evandale, Tasmania: costume parade, Village Fair

Costumes: penny farthing era

Penny Farthing Championship: Evandale Tasmania

Penny farthing parade: Evandale Tasmania

Heritage Machinery: Evandale Village Fair

Heritage machinery: Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania

Evandale Bus, Tasmania

Catch the bus: Evandale Tasmania

For more details visit the Evandale Village Fair and National Penny Farthing Championship website.


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