If you have ever thought you would like to like to explore your creative side, or for that matter to develop your artistic talents, then there is an answer awaiting you here in Tasmania. An option that you can take up as a local resident or whilst on holiday. Perhaps whilst your partner follows their particular sporting, fishing or other interests. Meeting up again with them at the end of the day with new experiences to share over Tasmania’s excellent fresh food and first class beers and wines.

Evelyn - Antonysen, Silk Scarves

Colourful silk scarves made by Evelyn (photo supplied)

For this exciting and rewarding experience the name of Evelyn Antonysen stands out as a multi-talented artist and teacher.

Evelyn Antonysen: Forth Art Studio, Tasmania

by Len Langan

Located at Forth Art Studio, Evelyn’s delightful classes can be enjoyed whilst you stay at one of the many surrounding guest houses and hotels set in the heart of some of Tasmania’s best countryside, waterways and the sea, and arranged to meet your needs.

Evelyn - Antonysen, Forth Art Studio

Inner creativity: Evelyn at Forth (photos supplied)

Have you noticed how we all find excuses for neglecting that inner urge to explore our personal creativity? Well the answer is simple. DON’T , because Think Tasmania is giving you a wonderful opportunity in introducing you to Evelyn. Ring her now on 03 64282675 or 0419282673 and arrange for a personal or group session with her to discover your hidden talent or develop your known gifts.

For group sessions Evelyn recommends six people as an ideal number but as in all things flexibility is king under her experienced tuition. Classes can be held in her studio or at external locations under cover or al fresco, and special needs can be accommodated. Be wise and plan this as part of your holiday. Memories are made of such rewarding activities.

Don’t pass this opportunity by because you think that you are not artistic or that you cannot draw. Gifted artists and experienced teachers such as Evelyn inspire and will astonish you as she draws out the talent you always felt was somewhere inside you.

Evelyn - Antonysen, Watercolour

Watercolour by Tasmanian artist Evelyn Antonysen (photo supplied)

Looking around Evelyn’s studio as we chatted about her life and work one could not help wondering how many art forms she had mastered. To list them all would be a Herculean task. Mention a few? Oils, acrylic, pastels, pencil, ceramic, glass, canvas, silk. You spend a few minutes with this lady to realise that she is an artistic force although she wears a velvet glove and is obviously a very experienced teacher. No surprise after thirty years of highly commended activity in this area.

Evelyn - Antonysen, Forth Tasmania

Various artworks by Evelyn Antonysen (photos supplied)

Having talked with her for almost an hour I came away feeling that I had been at a Master Class. Her feeling for art and for the glories of the natural world inspired me although I had not lifted a brush or a fragment of anything productive. Some people are born with talent and gifted with the ability to teach.

Evelyn - Antonysen, Encaustic Art

Evelyn Antonysen: Forth Art Studio, Tasmania (photo supplied)

Can one illustrate this point in a quotation from this remarkable lady? “I prefer a fluid approach to my art. Water is critical both as a subject and carrier of pigment… a life force.”

Discover Evelyn Antonysen and discover yourself!

Len Langan lives in Longford with his wife Jill.  They are both passionate about Tasmanian heritage and tourism and things that can be done in this industry. Len writes about Tasmanian history  for both The Courier in Longford and the magazine Sagacity,  and works with Virtuosi taking music to rural areas.

Photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Evelyn Antonysen.

10 June 2013 ~ Think Tasmania readers can now WIN a beautiful ink and water-colour painting by Evelyn Antonysen. Good luck.

Map: Forth Art Studio, Tasmania…

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