See Tasmania as a guest, not just a tourist. That’s the promise of Eye See Personalised Tours. And after spending a day with Judy Livingston, I can honestly say she’s chosen the most appropriate slogan possible.

Eye See - Personalised Tours with Judy Livingston

Judy: Eye See Personalised Tours

Eye See Tasmania as a Guest

Judy collects her guests from their most convenient location. For me, that was right outside my front door. Once we had the other two passengers for the day (John and Tracey from Business East) on board, we set off for our first destination. Judy prides herself on the flexible nature of Eye See Personalised Tours, and has contingency plans in place for dodgy weather. Luckily for us though, we were blessed with a magical spring day, so our first stop was Mount Wellington.

Throughout the drive, Judy casually introduced facts about Hobart and the surrounding region. Her knowledge of Tasmania is quite extensive, and she has a fun sense of humour, so the conversation in the car flowed naturally. Judy was happy to answer questions and point out places of interest, and just as happy to engage in idle chatter.

Personalised Tours: Visitors to Tasmania

For that very reason, Eye See Personalised Tours appeals to locals looking for a fun and relaxing day out, as well as Tasmanian tourists. Mt Wellington is on the agenda whenever we have interstate guests visiting our place, but Judy was still able to introduce new attractions that I’d never experienced. We stopped for a cup of fresh Tasmanian mountain water, gathered using a special set of tongs, straight from the waterfall. Amazing!

Eye See - Tasmanian Waterfalls

Eye See Personalised Tours: unique experience

Even during the tour, Judy takes into account the needs and wishes of her guests. We were offered a choice between mountain or coastal roads to continue our journey. Either way, with Eye See Personalised Tours you’re sure to take the scenic route, rather than the highway. With more spur-of-the-moment commentary ranging from fruit trees and local music through to historical sites and architecture, we made our way to Huonville in the Huon Valley, where Judy prepared our lunch.

Lunch: Personally Made by Judy

You might expect a busy tour operator to pull-over at a local cafe or break out some pre-prepared ham and cheese sandwiches and a thermos of tea. But when you travel with Eye See Personalised Tours, you can expect way more elaborate dining than that. As we took a stroll by the river and watched the ducks, Judy went into hyper-drive, unpacking baskets and supplies from the back of her shiny, black mini-van. Before long, she had meat cooked on the barbecue and she presented a whole meal to us at the table… complete with table cloth and an assortment of salads and accompaniments. And proving she has all bases covered, she even makes the chutney, coconut biscuits and pickled walnuts herself.

Eye See - Gourmet, Personalised Lunch

Gourmet lunch for guests

After a glass of wine (or two!) with our awesome lunch, it was time to return to the road. At this point, it would have been easy to kick back and have a little kip. I still can’t believe how much leg room there was in the back of the Tarago, and we were extremely comfortable as we travelled. The minivan is just one of several vehicles employed by Eye See Personalised Tours, depending on the needs of guests. No matter the vehicle though, it was lovely to have someone else take charge of the driving and just relax, enjoying the Tasmanian scenery.

Eye See… Chocolates!

Of course, I resisted the temptation to nod off. Aside from the chance I might start snoring and embarrass myself, I didn’t want to miss any of the sights. Luckily I was still awake at our next stop… but I’m pretty sure I would have snapped to attention even if I had momentarily dozed off. Nutpatch Nougat at Kettering… another place I’d not heard of and certainly never visited before. It’s a tiny little shop attached to a former roadhouse building, near the turn-off to the Bruny Island ferry terminal. Without Eye See Personalised Tours, I might never have found this gem of a place. It was so wonderful, I’ll be sharing more details with you about them another time.

Eye See - Nutpatch Nougat, Kettering

Nutpatch Nougat, Kettering

With our stash of chocolates from Kettering safely tucked away, we headed back to Hobart. We’d had such a nice day, with lots of laughs and interesting places to visit, I was disappointed the drive was over. I certainly felt I’d been treated as a guest and not just a tourist, because Judy is such a good operator. She’s looked after people from all around the world, and has been invited to visit those she’s met through Eye See Personalised Tours. You can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands and have a fun, flexible tour with Judy any time. And here’s a little secret… she even gives out gifts at the end of the day!

Eye See - Personalised Tours, International Tourists

Guests come from all around the world

The Eye See Personalised Tours website suggests a range of things to do, from day trips to overnight holidays. Judy does lots of planning before any tour, ensuring her guests have the best time possible. You can contact Judy on 0409 487 559 or follow Eye See Personalised Tours on Facebook.

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